Age: 14-15


Gender: Male 

Race: Diclonius

Familiars: None 

Status: Alive 

Appearance: Unlike most diclonius he has long purple that he usually ties up into a ponytail, slightly tanned skin, pinkish brownish eyes, and he has cat ear like horns sticking out of his head and he wears mostly a black muscle shirt with long black jeans and he wears some black slip on shoes. He also wears some other outfits.

Hobbies: Surviving and trying to earn respect.

Hates: Being disrespected or unacknowledgable.

Personality: Iroha first comes of as serious but he's actually very friendly once you get to know him. Unlike most diclonius he refuses to give into his killer instincts and he only uses his vectors when absolutely necessary. He refuses to use them against humans no matter what. Though kind to anyone he meets Iroha doesn't have any friends because people make fun of him because of his horns. This leaves Iroha lonely and sad that people don't like him because of him being different so he decides to try and earn their respect and acknoledgement through hard work, doing the best he can for everyone.

Past: Most diclonius either get killed or locked up and isolated in a facility but Iroha however never got caught instead he roamed the streets his whole life doing whatever he can to survive and he even taught himself how to fight in order to survive. Being treated as an equal became his life goal and it's what drove him to become a workoholic. But no matter how much he tried people would still disrespect him but he never gave up and his desire to earn respect is what keeps him from losing his sanity.

Powers/skills: He has 7 vectors with a 10 meter range and he knows martial arts.(self taught)

Relatives: None

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