Ideally, I wanted to get to working on the episode transcripts once a week, but last weekend proved too busy and this coming weekend, I'll be recovering from surgery so...minor delays again. I'm working on episode 2's transcript, but I figure it's best to fully dive into it whenever I won't be conked out in bed, eh?

As a side note, I saw a review of Elfen Lied the other day that had me miffed for a while. Someone called Mayu's past exploitative because it's only brought up during her backstory episode and that her being abused by her stepfather was "unrealistic"... Elfen Lied has many flaws, but Mayu's story isn't one of them. Having spoken with people who are from abusive environments, they tend to prefer when a character's abusive past isn't in the spotlight all the time. When you focus on the character's abuse/rape/whatever else have you, that is when it's exploitative, because then it's like that's all there is to the character. Mayu's past isn't her everything. Her past is her past, but it's not all there is to her, you know? It's shown to us just to explain things, then it's not brought up that much afterward so we can focus on how sweet a person she is and how much happier she is after moving in with her new friends. Obviously that reviewer didn't know shit.

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