We succeeded in moving most of our things to our new house, save for the things in the fridge, but those couldn't really be moved since we....don't have a fridge at the moment. The only one we had came packaged with the apartment, and until my folks come over here with a spare fridge of their own, my man-thing and I are stuck with nonperishables for food.

And the house we moved into is grossly filthy. My mom and I spent four hours cleaning things up and it's still not complete. Turns out the source of the godawful smell is from the previous tenants' dog, whom they let pee everywhere in the carpet and that sort of smell lingers forever. My parents have a number of connections to get us proper carpet and hardwood flooring (the current "hardwood" is this ugly linoleum), so it's just a matter of waiting it out. Unfortunately, this means most of my nerdly things, figures, DVDs, and such, will have to stay boxed up until we can convert the one bedroom into an office with hardwood floors.

As a last note, if any of you on the wiki have to move house and sell yours in order to do so, please, for the love of God, clean up the house like you expect the president to come visiting the next day. It's a common courtesy, but it's one the previous tenants of our house didn't care enough to remember. They left so much dirt, dust, and human grime around...and on top of that, they didn't cancel their AT&T service until last minute yesterday, and despite us trying to get an installation date for the internet set up for two straight weeks, they refused to consider fitting us in until the other folks canceled their service. So basically, previous tenants were incredibly rude in the worst ways.

Other than that, however, I'll still have windows of internet time thanks to hotspots, so I can still carry out editing duties for the wiki. Hopefully we get proper internet soon, however, as nine more days of this isn't ideal.

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