An open letter to non-fans from Wiki Admin 'Goji' Rob Morris :

To not care for Elfen Lied is your fundamental right, and it is one that I will defend in word and deed. Maybe something didn't click for you. Maybe the grim nature is just a bit too much. Maybe the voice-dub work on the English-language version was not up to snuff in your opinion, and you would hardly be the first. Maybe the deeper manga just doesn't appeal to you, still pictures in a time of emergent 3-D. Maybe the plot holes (and they are there in abundance, I know, I've documented them) just drove you crazy. Maybe the lack of a true conclusion to the anime turns you off - it drives most EL fans crazy, too. There are any number of things, including, you simply didn't like it. Again, your right, which some have suffered and died for, and that is no mere patriotic hype.

What I will say now is not really for those who decided against it for themselves. My ire here is reserved for what I will call the prosleytizers. Like a deeply committed Atheist or Religious Fundamentalist for their causes, these Anti-Kaedes feel, if you do not also hate and dismiss Elfen Lied in the most contemptuous way imaginable by the time they are done talking, then your intelligence, sanity and worth are in serious question. So let me say this about that :

1 - Fanservice Problems - Ok, the series has its moments, as poor Nozomi could tell you if she were real. But do any of you think that EL fans service themselves to the sights of Lucy's Escape, Mayu's Violation, Mariko In The Lab, or any old scenes that happen to have nudity?

2 - The Gore - Ummm---MA Rating, anyone? Blood on the cover, easily Googled scenes of the series' major events? Do us all a favor. If boobs or blood set you off---don't watch this series.

3 - We Like It - Don't tell us what we are for liking it, or at least shave some arrogance off those sweeping statements.

You have the right to not like it and say why. But know that when you stop questioning the series' worth and start in on the worth of its fans, that we are an ardent lot and we will respond, vectors at the ready, and you won't like us when we're angry.

Rob Morris, Wednesday, June 13th, 2012

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