Well, for starters, if we ever get a live-action EL film, I hope M. Night is nowhere near the production. But away from that, I have picked up evidence that someone on the Avatar:TLA production staff may be a closet EL fan.

1 - During the episode 'The Blue Spirit', the very ill and feverish Sokka asks Momo to fetch some water for himself and Katara, who is equally ill. The perky lemur-like creature ends up fetching everything you can think of--except water. When Aang finally returns with the cure for their illness, he gives a definite WTH reaction in his face at the stuff Momo gathered.

In EL, Kouta takes ill after Yuka storms out over his lack of memories. Nyu tries to care for him, but responds to his request for water by bringing--again, everything but water. When Yuka returns, she asks if some kind of ritual has been in play.

2 - Dark Horse has recently started publishing a three-part followup to the series, set immediately after it ended, entitled 'The Promise'. It involves events that will place Aang and Zuko at odds over the way the war's aftermath will be handled. The promise of the book's title? Zuko makes Aang promise that, should he ever become a ruler like his mad corrupt father, Ozai, the Avatar will kill his new friend the Fire Lord.

In EL, young Kaede makes Kouta promise that, should she ever start killing a lot of people, he must then kill her. She then calls him on it at the manga series' conclusion.

Now, writers can come up with things independent of each other and often do. But these two little coincidences just make me wonder.

Rob Morris, 4/8/2012, 3:15 AM

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