I'm gonna moan a bit, here, so forgive me in advance.

TV Tropes YKTTW folk, get over yourselves. You are not stalwart defenders turning back the barbarian hordes.

Yeah, I proposed a trope and it got shot down hard. Poor me. It has happened before, though rarely with this ferocity, and I can only call it ferocity. That my attempts have gone nowhere is annoying, but understandable. Only one or two of them were actually decent ideas, in retrospect (Duhhh...then why is you complainin? Because I am, Onk--now go back to your cave).

I actually get it. You only want the best strongest most unique ideas, though I'd argue some of the gradiations you have allowed between aspects of a larger trope make me wonder if it isn't who you know, at least sometimes. So let's ignore how awful or brilliant or whatever my various tries were, and go to the one thing I find outright infuriating.

Basically, it seems like, even if your idea is a good one, if you don't already have a brilliant name for the damned thing out of the gate, you are done and damned both. It's not just with mine. If the name anyone proposes for their effort is not major-league hyper-plu-perfect, that and only that becomes the entirety of the focus. I want our EL articles to have good names from the start, but if they don't---THEY CAN BE RENAMED. I would think this to be especially true of an idea that is then only being discussed, not yet an article. Don't tell me TT doesn't rename--I would only laugh at you.

Maybe in the end, every last trope idea I ever proposed in YKTTW just sucked hard. It happens. But on behalf of myself and others, as to the name, just say it needs a better one and then---suggest one to take its place. Try vetting a weak idea into a better one, instead of notching whatever it is you notch about the latest one you gutted.

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