I am a romantic sucker of an old geek. Want proof?

As a kid, one of my favorite shows was the original 'Lost In Space'.

You'll note they never got to either Alpha Centauri or back to Earth.

I also liked Gilligan's Island. They got home, but not in an episode, and then they had an 'In Space!!!' cartoon sequel that - you guessed it.

Later on, I liked the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon. This one was a miracle of good writing despite massive Executive Meddling---this one embodied 'The Complainer Is Always Wrong' trope. They even had a finale script all ready to be made. Nope.

The TV version of 'The Incredible Hulk' (Bixby/Ferrigno) was also set to have a concluding ep, and was cancelled mid-season. They later had a series of TV-movies, and in the last one, the character predeceased the actor by about a year, and he was meant to be revived later on---nope.

CBS had a little-known sequel to MASH called AfterMASH and it was decent for its first season of 22 episodes. It knew it was not its parent show, and formed its own groove and vibe. What an impatient CBS did to it in S2 is criminal. Think Dragonball GT goes to MASH, and you have a good idea.

Back in the day, I began to avoid 'quest' shows of any kind. Unless it got crazy popular and stayed such, you were almost guaranteed to never see an ending. Nowadays, its a given. But shows back then were even canceled on cliffhangers. Want to know who won the election on Benson? Want something other than a vague mention of what happened to the Tanners on Alf? Want to know the last place Remrandt Brown of Sliders went to? Join the club.

So now shows are guaranteed some manner of finale, which isn't always a good thing (V Revival, Dinosaurs). And here I am---hoping for an S2/Reboot of a series ten years gone.

49 next Saturday, and I guess I'll never change.

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