"The Host found those shepherds, tending their charges, and saw that the sight of them cast a shadow upon their hearts. To this they cried 'Quail not, nor ought you quake to sight us. For we bring no sorrows, but good news of great joy, and this shall be to the Gentile as to the Jew, and for all the nations in sight of The One. For we bid you seek the City Of David-Bar-Jesse, Once King over this place, and there you shall find a newborn child. No mere babe in swaddling is he, for this is Immanuel, foretold of Isaiah. Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna, and all in the sight of The One know peace of their brothers and sisters, and offer them only fierce hospitality."

BTW, I have heard some call Santa Claus a competitor to the Christ-Child. Have to scratch my head on that one. To Wit : If there were a 1600-year old former Bishop still living in one of the harshest regions on Earth, with a cadre of magical servants of every stripe, capable of reaching any home and doing it all in the space of a few hours across the world, by whose power do you think he might be able to accomplish this?

What does Santa teach children? At first, it is great to receive, and see the joy the givers get from their little smiles. Then, they put together their pennies, and their arts and crafts, and learn the joy of giving. In short, when used well and wisely, the story of Santa Claus shows us that Human Charity is a reflection of the Divine, which is embodied in the central theme of Christmas Day : That God So Loved The World, He Gave Us His Only Son.

Besides which, Santa is cool!

Merry Christmas all. Don't worry. I'll be back to supreme nitpciking ere long.

Goji Rob Morris, Christmas Eve Day, 2015

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