Now that we're at the number we strove for, the time has come to review all existing articles, to strengthen, enrich and correct the existing articles.

My problem is, besides the size of the project, is that I wrote most of the articles here, or a large enough amount of them for it to be the same thing. It's hard for me to judge my own work. So what I ask of all here is simple, and I think fair : Just glance over the articles. Look for anything glaringly off. Fictional Examples :

1 - The chapter/episode summary in question says that Kouta got up, bit into an apple, and threw it at the wall in frustration. You remember it differently, and a check reveals it was Nozomi who got up, it was a pomegranate, and she just dropped it back onto the table.

2 - You notice that Yuka's bio leaves out her bratty little brother Jotaro, who later got scared off when he saw Nyu shift into Lucy, and stayed away from Maple House for the rest of the series.

3 - Another dog is in a shot with Wanta, and you note that it resembles one of the crazy-ugly feral dogs from Akkamatsu's Love Hina, possibly a shout-out. But this is never mentioned anywhere.

Anyway, these sorts of things. Older Essays are vulnerable to altered information, since it may have been changed in the main articles, but not in there. So look around, don't kill yourselves, and thanks.

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