As we ever more rapidly approach the (non) magic number of 400 articles, I am very loathe to delete anything. But I increasingly feel that the Project S2R article offers false hope to fans, thinking that anything we do on our level can change the negatives surrounding the industry and this series keeping a second series or a reboot from happening.

Hope is not always a bad thing, and I maintain that S2R is not an impossibility. But certainly nothing we do, be it petitions or starting our own Kickstarter (assuming all went very well on that front, a big if) can make this happen. If it does, it will happen by relative chance, an ascended fan remembering it fondly and convincing others during a time anime production has a better footing. My own dream would be for a 'Smallville' style show on a network like AMC, where some gore is allowable, called 'Maple House'. Maybe someday I'll blog a script for it.

But I am nowhere near the sort of people it would take to make this happen, even if I could convince them. I am now convinced that this Wiki is itself the best sort of hope, however distant and removed, that a new series or media production has. Again, I don't mean our agitation or action. I mean, that, if some vague stirrings occurred somewhere regarding interest in seeing this happen were to come to pass, a full and informative wiki - once more the online equivalent of a really well done giant coffee table book - could give those so interested easy access to all the info they could ever need, set in one place, and that ease would help grease an iffy production. Might it end up the 'Dragonball Evolution' of Elfen Lied? Yeah, but even bombs can produce future interest, and right now, there is simply none. Possibly even something as off as seeing Elfen Lied mentioned in reviews of Lucy-2014 could help, not holding my breath.

If it should be kept just as a wish forum, so be it. But I'm out of schemes to 'trick' the producers and rights-holders, and have moved for myself firmly to the more cautious secondary goal.

So, answer the Clash's classic question in the comments.

Rob Morris

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