Thanks to our new contributors, and to all who have vastly improved the front page. Once again, my strength on content equals my weakness on infrastructure. I have receieved a draft template from Community Central about the new model infoboxes, and hopefully we can resolve this problem. Suffice it to say, we are not the only ones frustrated by these changes.

Back to (what I consider) my strength, I think I have a new series of articles, aimed specifically at certain aspects of our mains. I call them 'Character's Journey', and in my view, we could focus on things like :

  • Mayu's suspicions about Kouta
  • Kouta's dealing with his guilt
  • Yuka's doubts about Kouta's love
  • The Chief's beliefs and delusions
  • Lucy's realizations and attempts at atonement
  • Nyu's maturation

And so forth. It doesn't have to be these subjects, but a general drilling down on progressions of these characters. I would suggest for a very good reference the broadcasts from NerdSync Productions on You Tube. They do an excellent job of drilling down on these sorts of things on superheroes.

These are not at all restricted to me, so feel free to get started.

I will be studying for my Anatomy final, so I won't be about for a couple of weeks.

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