1 - I've reserved the Character Journey I'm calling 'Kouta's Addlement' for the future. Since this would be my fourth, it will also be my last, to be fair, since there just aren't that many characters who merit such an article.

2- Now that we're at that magic number, 400, let's drill down and re-check all the existing articles. Minor stuff, just correct. Anything egregious, I'm going to create a forum just for major corrections, since some things are not fact but opinion or extrapolation.

3 - I'd like to have a creator article for Seiji Kishimoto, who aided LO when the characters were redesigned for the anime. It may be that technically, we need a 401st article to cross the threshold at AnimeManga Wiki, and this one would be appropriate, provided we can find enough info.

4 - I'd like all essays to have a top page quote and a bottom page quote as well, either something from the series or something that relates to the topic.

5 - Since most character articles and summaries were written when this was a one-man show (not really, but close enough at times), they may be especially prone to errors or overly vague summaries. All summaries should be written as though the reader had no access to the manga or anime.

6 - I'm going to actually try and drill down on my studies, this time. Again, I no longer use my Fanfiction PM for Wiki business, so state it plain and state it here, if you have to state it at all.

Rob Morris

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