I want to create an article for the new Fandom Wikia, and I had this idea.

There are many odd points in Elfen Lied where events in vastly different pieces in other genres. I'd like to list as many as 25, but would settle for 10. Now, I don't mean simple things like the Chief wanting to take over the world, so to speak--that's almost generic. But really odd points that probably are just coincidence, but are so close as to make you do a double-take.

Here's two of my own examples, and I hope you all can add more :

  • When Kouta falls ill, he begs an uncomprehending Nyu for water, at which point she starts fetching everything but that. When Yuka returns, she stares at the pile of stuff next to his futon in wonder. On Avatar The Last Airbender, when Katara and Sokka take ill, they beg Momo for water, and both his actions and Aang's reaction upon returning are very close to what happened in EL.
  • In the still-controversial Disney's Song Of The South, the young heroine's cruel brothers threaten to drown her puppy and eventually take it from her. It is not known if the dog made it, since the ending he is seen in is an idealized musical number.

Mind you, I'm not sure either point inspired anything one way or the other, but there is similarity.

Any others?

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