She wasn't a murderer; she was a superhero. Her name was Yvonne, or Barbara, when she was working. At one point, she had the eye of a Caped Crusader, A Boy Wonder, and a noted starship commander - though she tried to kill him, and Eddie Murphy made a famous comment about that. She was a cop's daughter, but she became a vigilante, which was good, since the PD her father commanded couldn't tie their shoes without help from her and her partners. She was even an early advocate for gender pay equality. She was of an era, to be sure, and no matter how old they got or get, she, Lieutenant Uhura and Control Agent 99 remain hot in memory, and always capable of kicking butt.

Before there was Lucy, there was Yvonne Craig. Follow the Bat-Signal home, Yvonne, riding that custom motorcycle (Robin still has to ride in the side-car, though). 78 is way too young for the best part of the Terrific Trio. Till next episode, Bat-Girl.

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