No wiki's work is ever done; tweaks beget tweaks, and some major addition means new errors and outdated info to ferret out.

But I'm pleased to say that I have accomplished the following in the last month or so :

  • Each manga chapter summary now has a short sentence in its trivia section explaining the sometimes off-putting images on the cover; some needed it, some didn't, but now they're all done.
  • Wherever appropriate, page quotes sit atop and at bottom of every non-summary article, save a few which are the personal projects of other admins.
  • Infoboxes are now the rule in most pertinent articles
  • Multiple navboxes are on most pages, exposing some of our lesser-known articles to the light of day.
  • The completed annotated anime episode transcripts 1 through 8 have been copied and pasted back to the site the originals were taken from, along with the not-yet-annotated transcripts for episodes 12, 13, and OVA/14, which in 12's case had not been completed there, and in 13 and 14's case, didn't exist at all until we donated them. This goes a long way to paying back the debt we owed them.
  • The timeline articles (Except for the Diclonius War and Anime Variant) have been reformatted so that they read inside the boxed format.
  • The EL major characters appropriate to those sites have been created and updated at the Heroes Wiki and the Villains Wiki. Lucy and Kurama got on both sites.
  • Finally, on a personal note, all 15 villains from the short-lived Filmation Live Action show 'The Ghost Busters' are recorded at Villains Wiki. Also, the one and only Christmas episode of 'Beverly Hillbillies' competitor 'The Real McCoys' is finally summarized at Christmas Specials Wiki. The only reason these were important to me is, they were very very unlikely to ever be summarized absent my remembrances.

In the new year, I have to finally hunker down on my studies, and maybe, my fic. So maybe I won't be so omnipresent. But if I'm not here, at least a laundry list of EL goals were at last met.

Thanks to Gohan, for making future tweaks easier by creating and adding the 'article' category. It should make searching for tweaks to make a LOT easier.

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