Enter - if you dare! The one pic is of my animated Batmobiles collection, most from collectors' trap Eaglemoss, with their own cases and lenticular displays taken from the animated series in question. They are all 1/43 scale, the exception being the 1/50 scale first 'Super Friends' Batmobile from 1973-1978. Eaglemoss, sadly, has ended its production of Batman Automobilia, so neither that nor the later 'Super Powers/Challenge' Super Friends -mobile will be made by them. Two others are 1/18 scales of the 1966 Classic TV Batmobile with an Adam West Batman figure, coupled with the Super Powers-Challenge Of The Super Friends plastic-but-awesome 1984 piece with those versions of Batman and Robin. The final one is my NECA Toys Nintendo Godzilla figure, colored like the NES Godzilla in 1988's Godzilla Monster Of Monsters, though sadly the design is Goji 1984, while the one in the game was Goji 1964. Still cool, though. They've also done NES-styled figures of Jason Voorhees and Batman.

The animated Batmobiles in the pile are, from top to bottom :

  • The Adventures Of Batman/The New Adventures Of Batman from 1968 and 1977, made by Filmation using the same models in both. The Dynamic Duo in 1967 were voiced by the same crew from Super Friends, Olan Soule and Casey "Shaggy" Kasem. In 1977, they were voiced by TV's original duo, Adam West and Burt Ward. In 68, BTW, Joker and Penguin were voiced by sitcom vets Larry Storch and Ted Knight.
  • Batman The Animated Series from 1992-1997, one of the most iconic Batmobiles ever.
  • The New Batman Adventures, 1997-2000, also the vehicle Batman used in the Justice League animated series.
  • Batman Beyond, 2000-2003, the multi-use vehicle of the Terry McGinnis Batman, some decades after Bruce could no longer go on.
  • The Batman animated series, Mark 1 and Mark 2, the second design made when a tech-savvy villain ripped the original apart. This series marked off several differences from the 90's version, but has its own charm and dedicated following.
  • Batman : The Brave And The Bold, a throwback to simple Silver-Age fun and goofiness, with a Batmobile that transforms into a plane, a sub, and a Mecha.
  • Beware The Batman - a CGI effort with a very different take on Batman's early years. Kind of screwed over by Cartoon Network's favoritism towards Teen Titans Go!.
  • The one outside the others is the first Super Friends version, made by Mattel.

    Almost all the current animated Batmobiles up to 2016 in 1/43 Diecast scale


    Super Powers and 1966 Batmobile, roughly 1/18 scale, plastic and diecast, respectively


    1988 NES Game Godzilla for coloration, 1984-styled body.

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