• I currently have only one more idea for an article, that being "Science & Super-Science" in Elfen Lied. A look at how actual science exists within the series, where it moves into extrapolated but based-in-the-realistic super-science, and where it all moves into the realms of pure fantasy.
  • If anyone else has article ideas, let me know, or just create them. I'd like to keep this legit, but we are so close to 400 articles, it's scary. Yet I want it done right. One Harry Potter Wiki article was about one portion of a room in the stories. I consider something like that not legit.
  • Different sites have different scanlated dialogue for the manga. In your way, please stop and review where you can for dialogue differences. Some are minor, some are telling, and it may merit its own article at some point.
  • When we reach 400 or more articles, I want this site reviewed top to bottom in a ferocious manner. All grammar, spelling, syntax and assumptions reviewed.
  • This morning, reviewing Volume Six for Deaths, I really saw again how much the timeline for Mariko really does not work.
  • All geeks - remember that Wednesday October 21st is the day Marty McFly visits this time period--with the RL Chicago Cubs currently in the playoffs, no less.

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