The article pages are now becoming cluttered, plus many sites use these comments only for talk about the articles themselves, not the series in question; that is to say, they will say, this should have a separate listing for the personality or powers, or something else structural.

We have forums, and they are badly underutilized. These are the appropriate place for long discussions of things, many of which we on our level can never EVER hope to resolve. I don't wish to damp down the enthusiasm of any users, but it is also a bad fit for articles meant to inform, especially when we have a place specifically set aside for such discussions.

Please remember, we have no official connection whatsoever to the series. Our wishes and suggestions will have no impact on any potential/possible future efforts, if anything ever comes. Blogs are also good for discussion.

Right now, this is only under consideration. If the page comments continue to multiply at their current rate, I will simply suspend the whole process summarily.

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