First off, this is not me advocating that the series be censored, if it made it to a new anime or Live Action piece. It is raw, and ideally it should stay that way, with nothing cut -- exxxcept maybe Nyu molesting poor Nozomi. Feel free to let that one go. Here's what I have to say.

  • Body wraps/body sults for the Diclonius at the Institute. Lucy's nude escape shows her power and that our concerns are not hers--she's not the one who's vulnerable. Mariko and Nana are little girls, especially if you consider doubled aging. Do we need to see their bodies--or Number 3's? The inhumanity to these girls is still shown by a dull grey body coating that may as well be prison garb.
  • Maybe have the violence be more subtle, with Lucy inducing a lot more heart failure. But not to avoid offending. Unless the CGI budget was there, a lot of these flying limbs may end up looking phony. The blood can be shown, but the fountains always looked a bit silly in some scenes. The big murders like Kisaragi and Kanae, show in full--maybe with a careful edit for Kanae. Imagine Lucy aiming her vectors at Kanae - she ducks behind a train-car's seat railing. We see the railing split in half, and the vector passes through Kanae as Kouta screams.
  • I hate sacrficing Mayu's rape scenes. If that sounds sick, it is not because I actually like the scenes. It is because they repulse me, that I would like them kept. My personal feeling is, scenes that imply ugliness like she suffered very often don't convey what really went on in full. Those scenes leave no doubt, and too many people doubt children who have been so abused. But let's face it, it wouldn't survive any new adaptation, so brilliant editing would be needed to keep this worst of all scenes (IMO) but ditch brain-dead charges of porn.
  • The cousin thing never bothered me. I have a cousin who is like a sister to me, and to whom I couldn't even contemplate treating as anything else. But this subject always draws in the 'Weird' comments, so while a new anime should keep it, a Live Action piece, if made in the US and needing to ditch it, could do the following : Their widowed parents married. They were both seven when this first happened, and not related otherwise. Step-cest. No laws that I know of, and no blood (Assuming they are blood cousins even in the manga)
  • Forgiveness. Have Kouta find out the truth prior to any crisis finale. Let him come to terms with his love for that little girl and his hate for one who hurt him so. It'll make the kiss seem rational and special.

Or, don't censor a single damn thing.

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