I'd be lying if I said this was a lost classic. But it definitely has its moments. The two lead actors, Forrest Tucker and Larry Storch, have comic timing and the ability to make corny groaner jokes almost work. Bob Burns, playing Tracy The Gorilla, makes the schtick work for this non-speaking role. Repetitive? Oh, HELL yeah! Bad sets? Check and double-check. Routines that are the reason vaudeville died screaming? Yup. SPFX that were neither S nor P? You got it.

But the shows got a guest list busting wide with talent. Bernie Kopell, aka Siegfried from Get Smart and Doc on The Love Boat. Kathy Garver, Cissy on Family Affair and Firestar on Spider-Man. Stanley Adams, Cyrano Jones from The Trouble With Tribbles. Two future Seinfeld actors. Mike Teevee's Mom from Willy Wonka. The voice actor for Hunk and Lotor on Voltron. On and on, names known or easily looked up. Ted Knight!

But I think the reason why I'm watching the 15 eps of this show once again ties into part of the reason Ghostbusters 2016 (the series I'm watching is the source of the name, legally; the other GB animated series was based on this one, while 'Real Ghostbusters'  came from the movies) ran into some trouble. The show knows exactly what it is and runs with it. No one pretends its high art, or making a statement. Its the guys from F-Troop running around with their sitcom buddies having fun with cheap props and sets. It doesn't try too hard, but nor does it demand you like it. I was not a fan of their sons in the animated series, but their Dads give me a cheap laugh and that's all I can ask.

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