I don't show it enough, so let me show a tiny bit here. On November 24, I ordered two books for my dear and patient friend Jessica Walton, wonderful wife to an old friend and mother to a beautiful girl who has called me Uncle Rob since she could talk, and who hugs the stuffing out of me at every meeting. The holiday get-together is this Sunday, and yesterday I called the store I ordered these from, concerned about why they had not arrived yet. I was told that one of the books had not arrived yet at the store and thus the order had not shipped yet. I was not pleased.

I sent an email saying how upset I was with this. Now, I was polite, but in this I made it clear that I felt an e-mail stating that they were waiting on this might have been in order. I got the response that the book would hit them tomorrow, and that, instead of the Media Mail I paid for, it would be sent priority, in other words, money out of their own pocket. That, my friends, is classy and shows commitment to customer service. I now no longer care if the books arrive to me by Saturday. This was a damned nice thing to do. is a niche seller--they sell only books about collectibles of every stripe imaginable. They have an awesome selection. I don't shill, but they are worth looking at. Once more, excellent customer service.

With that said, I have too damned many to thank here. I often don't name names because of the sheer volume and fear that I will slight someone in this way. But for once I figure I'd try and fail and feel better for it. So here goes.


Forerunner - You were patient with a noob admin and his pepper spray of endless questions.

Shadow Helio - Creator of most of the initial infoboxes here. The structure and the infra.

Moviesign - Very recent, but very helpful in getting past these new infoboxes

LSSJGohan2 - keeping the faith and the passion for this series

Nightwolf87 - that front page needed/needs work, and you have been willing to do it

Literature Nerd and Senseless Pi : You have forced me to rethink stuff I was certain I knew dead flat, and I could not be more grateful.

Yoshik - Giving a Japanese perspective on this series is Kaioken Platinum, Fried Gold as the Official He-Man Channel on YouTube calls it.

And so I have failed. There's so many more who deserve it, and I have slighted them. But this is a slight done with affection and gratitude, in that season we remember the gift God gave the world.

Rob Morris

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