I have for six years written for the Christmas Specials Wiki, and in that time, have run afoul on multiple occasions of its admin, User Jeremy Creek. He has a style for the wiki and enforces it without comment or debate. That may be his right, but I've reached the last of my patience with it. In short, he cuts out anything that does not directly relate to the Christmas special, movie, or episode in question, or if he just doesn't like it. Now for some of the edits that's fine, but he goes way too far. So with the pointlessness of getting mad, I'm getting even.  

From now on, every time he excises something I put in and felt was relevant, I'm posting it here. Starting with the latest.

Karen from Frosty The Snowman (Trivia added)

Towards the end of the special, when Frosty first leaves with Santa for the safety of the North Pole, they end up leaving Karen in a predicament. Karen is deposited by Santa's sleigh on the rooftop of her house, which is shown to have snow atop it, and at night when some of that snow may well be ice. Karen is above the window line, so easy entry back into her home is just not possible. That said, since Karen is hale and hearty for the parade next year, it can be presumed she got back inside with little problem.


Dino The Dinosaur From The Flintstones

How Dino actually became the Flintstones' pet is unknown. One live-action film had his egg accidentally won by Fred at a carnival before he married Wilma, while they were dating. Another introduction was in an episode (actually the eighteenth shown) where Fred and Barney Rubble set out to hunt a forest-dwelling creature known as a Snorkasaurus (probably based on pranking so-called snipe hunts). The Snorkasaurus was very smart, could talk, and easily outwitted the two would-be hunters and charmed their wives. At the end of the episode, "Dino" had moved in and was doing household chores. This episode (possibly part of an early idea for Dino) was retconned out and the far simpler Dino most know existed for every other appearance before and after. Two of his friends include Barney's pet Hopasaurus "Hoppy" and, in one memorable crossover, George Jetson's dog Astro. Dino also once became the hapless guardian of some playful sabertooth cubs in a 1990's short, and another showed him working as a night watchdog. In one cartoon spin-off, Dino was with Fred since the characters were all children, but that is likely also a retcon. In a 1970's cartoon featuring teen high-school versions of Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm, Dino was depicted as the eldest of many pets the teens and their friends kept. The other pets, including a baby Mammoth named Wooly, were not seen again.

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