Okay. We have EL fans, myself included, kicking LO for the headscratcher of Kouta and Yuka NOT turning over the bleeding naked amnesiac infantile horned girl to proper authorities. It is a bit of a stretch, even if this was in retrospect a very wise decision, albeit an unknowing one made in utter ignorance. Yet just today, I have, courtesy of the Nostalgia Critic, re-looked at such a scene that is far more iconic (in fact, outside of religion, you really don't get more iconic, and it is religiously inspired, by Noah, Moses and some Messianic elements) and now am prepared to forgive this scene entirely based on precedent of awesome, pardon the grammar.

In short, next time you re-read/watch and shake your head that they are simply taking this girl home, please stop and recall how a childless couple in Kansas did the same thing to a baby boy they found inside a crashed alien ship. Then remember that aspect of the story has survived countless retellings for 75 Years as of 2013.

As for myself, the struggle to create enough awareness to somehow spawn an Anime S2/Reboot plus an official English language (Colorized?) manga release is a never-ending battle. :D

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