400 completed articles on this wiki has long been my personal goal for it. As I've said before, the next level after that is 1000, and I'm not interested in the tricanery it would take to make that happen. While we've stretched to get this far, I still like to think we've done it legit. My greatest disappointment still remains the relative lack of FanWorks listings, but even in that we've done OK. Now, with only 15 articles to go, I think it will happen soon. I would actually like to get to 405 or 410, and let me explain why.

Now that we are this close, I'm less concerned with crossing the goal line than with how fit we are when we get there. That's why I want the extra 5 to 10 articles past 400. I'd like to see us less focused on new articles (though I have ideas for this as well) and more on beefing up existing ones. Back when this was almost a one-man show, content-wise, I made mistakes, some small, some big. So I'm asking everyone to re-read everything. Not just to nitpick, but to see where the articles can be genuinely improved. Some articles may even need to be deleted or re-combined, hence the extra ones I want past 400.

This said, I am not saying 400 is any kind of limit. We should always be open to legit expansions. OTOH, I don't want endless stubs. I have a dispute with the admin of Christmas Specials Wiki. In short, when I did Christmas episode synopses of much older shows, I included trivia about the shows, the characters, and their TV runs. To a one, he chopped those down, and has never responded to any inquiries about this. How many people know anything at all about the show 'Hazel' nowadays? Might someone reading about the Dick Van Dyke Christmas episode like to know who the famous real-life people the characters were modeled after are? Point being, I thought that, since these shows are well past the experiences of many modern readers/viewers, a little background might help explain and engage interest. Now mind you, this person also has articles about Dino The Dinosaur and other characters frequently appearing in Christmas eps--all stubs, because he cut information I and others added about things like how Dino could originally talk. I don't mean essays or dissertations here. Just something that would add to understanding and take it past a stub. He's also one of those admins who adds in 'This was poorly-written' in comments as he edits.

Some people cut their own nose off to spite their face and also place the dic in dictator. I hope to God I have never been like him.

So if you have that moment, give everything the old thrice-over, and let's hit that goal at our strongest.

Thanks to all of you.

Rob Morris

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