First, I really think that Pivotal Moments and Great Battles will provide us with the final push to 400 articles, so keep it going, but remember that not every moment or battle is worth a separate mention.

  • I see a PV : Moving In article regarding Mayu, and I may take it on myself, studies allowing.
  • I think an essay on Custody in EL may be in order; so many different types are on display in the series.
  • At some point, a Plotholes & Inconsistencies article, maybe just titled 'Narrative Gaps' to be a catch-all, unless some of you think that 'NG' would be a good series of articles like PV and GB.
  • Should we maybe post a review of Lucy (2014)? While its science may be more schlocky than EL's, the parallels are undeniable.

More later, perhaps.

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