Keeping the good works, and my semi-retirement going, here's my latest list of tasks to dump on you, none of which I have any actual authority or ability to actually make you do :

  • Death in Elfen Lied - The methods, the outlooks of those who have killed, topics like Kurama and Mayu's attempted suicides. It would be mostly essay, but certainly informational as well. I think a good article could emerge from this.
  • The Zoo - its covered in businesses, but it may merit a separate article after all, being as it plainly does not exist in real life yet was so pivotal a place in the story, Kanbe did not alter it as he did for other locations.
  • I never really got to finish the article : Elfen Lied Objects Of Note. I think it may have a bit more that can be done with it.
  • I had a thought : Could the Original Diclonii scenario be a deconstruction of the demon race from Devilman? You have an ancient group, feels displaced or excluded by normal Humans, scheming leader seeks to wipe Humans out, pins their hopes on the protagonist going along, meets with supreme rejection. There are differences, but I feel like this could be a thing. Is it, IYO? And if it is, should it go in the deconstruction or theology essays?
  • The Institute Staff - a listing, their fates (which to a one were among the grisliest in the series) and some controlled and labeled speculation on where they came from, their outlooks and their motivations.
  • This one is most iffy - a Fanon page for listing common fan beliefs and misconceptions. For example, I believe I myself started the Unknown Man maybe being a Kakuzawa. One Tropes listing combined the fates of Number 28 and Lucy's mother. Things like that.

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