Good work on all fronts, and now some ideas :

  • An article on the Australopitehicus Lucy, including how now she is no longer the oldest discovered fossil
  • An article on Lucy (2014) film. Despite denials, it seems to have some similarities to EL
  • Continue Great Battles. I've done 'Lucy's Escape' and 'Lucy Vs. Bando' leaving 'Lucy Vs Nana' next
  • Start Pivotal Moments. I believe Kisaragi's Murder is a good point, since it established Lucy's murderous nature from the get-go
  • Miscellaneous Locations, like Hokkaido and Gokurakuji Temple, which exist only by mention or inference, not meriting their own articles
  • Review the Minor Characters article for anyone you feel should be 'promoted'. Crepes Guy might merit it, but I don't think articles should ever be one-sentence 'Waved At Lucy then walked off' kind of things.
  • The Series Glossary needs updating for all the new articles
  • It might be an idea to add infoboxes to all the timeline articles
  • Finally, I was pretty strict on the summaries of the episodes and chapters, windowing between the source material and the article often for each sentence. That said, I could have taken something the wrong way, or failed to allow for ambiguity in the scene. So check them. I just ask that, if I got something crazy big wrong, you let me know

Happy Fourth Of July, where in a Jersey Shore town, I am unlikely to ever see the beach today.

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