Figured this might be a way to guide things without too many dictates. These requests are general, without deadline, and above all, not required, merely requested. If I do this once a week, I can feel engaged without stepping back in. So here goes :

1 - A 'Plotholes & Inconsistencies' Article. Doesn't have to be called that, just be in that vein. The timeline for Lucy's little brother, the knocked-out police in Episode 12, like that. Can also include unstated info, but that's more a judgment call. I think the series has enough of these to fill an article.

2 - A lot of links for 'Mother' or 'Father' lead back to a now-renamed article 'Parents Of Main Characters'. They should be re-edited to lead to the parents/family article for that person, if a main character.

3 - We've added a lot, possibly all, of the locations, but some articles still make reference to them without being linked to those articles. Try and add those as you go.

4 - I've considered in times past, but then resisted, the idea of having separate articles for each version of the main characters. I'm just not sure its merited, and I fear diluting the mains' focus. Consider it if you feel we'd be stronger that way.

5 - I've asked a couple of people to look at completing the transcripts. But another task might be to re-watch an episode and compare our existing dialogue to what they say on-screen for accuracy. Since these originally came from another site (one we acknowledge and then share the upgraded transcripts with), their accuracy is only that of the people who compiled them.

More next week, and thanks to anyone who even considers one of these tasks (or actually reads this blog) - now back to my fic.

'Goji' Rob Morris

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