Let's not blow any sunshine. There are no planned Elfen Lied projects that we know of at the start of 2016. If there were, we have no guarantee of their success, and let's face it, the quality of revival adaptations is a curve straight out of Wonka's boat ride sequence.

Yet, stranger things have happened. While the list of bad adaptations is long and hideous (Dragonball Evolution, Jem!, Fantastic Four 2015), two movies this year have made me realize it can be done correctly.

The Peanuts Movie and Star Wars Episode 7 hit it out. Now, I will concede, these are long-running franchises that have been done right in the past, and have a lot of fans to guide a creator who takes them seriously. But these notably took those franchises beyond their original creators.

Charles Schultz was a genius. But frankly sometimes, he did not know how or when to tone down the piling on of Good Ole Chuck Brown. That he's a lovable fool with bad luck is a given. But in specials like 'It's Your First Kiss, Charlie Brown', this went way too far, even going past the absurd and the insane. The Movie managed to balance this off.

George Lucas created something awesome, but he made the mistake of thinking himself the blessing rather than the blessed. To be fair, Jar-Jar never annoyed me as much as the Separatist Robots--I'll take 'Me-Sa' over 'Roger-Roger' 700 times any day. In Episodes 1-3, he had no one to counter him, and it showed. TFA had the spirit and hit all the points.

These two can be debated, and again a niche manga/anime versus these titans is like watermelons and raisins. But I think we can say from these : An adaptation can be done right, and maybe if we ever get another one, this lesson can apply to Lucy and her friends----err, violent Lucy---err, vicious, vindictive Lucy---the Lucy who can get away with impossible things and still have a fanbase----err, the Lucy who isn't named Van Pelt.

Happy New Year!

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