• GohanLSSJ2

    Hello everybody. Seeing as it's valid to present small fanfiction material, I thought I could present a teaser of the next chapter for my Elfen Lied/Dragon Ball Z crossover, Children of Destruction.

    Well... I hope you guys enjoy it...


    While the shining golden sun rose across the towering facades of the buildings and the back alleys of Kamakura, the residents of Maple Inn slowly started waking up. In a couple of hours the highway would be clogged with the rush of automobiles, and the sidewalks jammed with the bustle of the various pedestrians on the way to work and school. The weekend was a day away, and, across the city, a feeling of peace and tranquillity seemed to slowly be settling over the tiny haml…

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  • GohanLSSJ2

    It is not often that I post in here... And it is even less often that I gather the courage to write about my feelings in public, so even now I ask myself why I sit here and write. But I guess I just want to. Perhaps this can also explain my relative lack of activity of this Wiki beyond ocassional comments...

    We have a saying in Latin America: "No hay mal que por bien no venga", which can be (very) roughly equated to Harvey Dent's famous quote: "The night is always darkest just before the dawn".

    This year has been... exciting for me. Filled with good and bad things in my life.

    I got two new jobs, one after the other, on notorious institutions (the Peruvian Central Reserve Bank and the National Library of Peru). I met new people, made some frie…

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  • GohanLSSJ2

    Hello everyone.

    I know I'm not well known around here (Inactivity can make you fall into obscurity after all), but I have something that may be of interest for you guys.

    Elfen Lied has a place is the VS Boards, including a favorite of mine, the VS Battles Wiki.

    Check for yourselves:

    This is all they have so far, but who knows. They might add more stuff eventually.

    Hope you fellas enjoy it. The VS Battles Wiki has it's flaws, but I find it a great resource for information on par with the legend that is the OBD.

    I had the idea of maybe adapting some of these stats here, on the sect…

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