Hmmm... i dont even know how to start this blog...

One thing that has been on my mind for a while, is that i wanted to cosplay as lucy for a while BUT thing is that i WANT to look like her, i want to be in HER shoes and it seems that the people i know don't understand that..... Apperantly, my friend told me that "The first rule of cosplay is to NEVER CHANGE YOUR SKIN COLOR".... but then again if im "cosplaying" doesnt that require me to LOOK like the character? i mean not really but if this is my first time cosplaying i think i should actually make the effort to LOOK like the main character. I kinda have the mindset of the people that are in the show "Heroes of Cosplay" u know? if your reading this and you havent watched that show, U SHOULD. Thats what kinda drew my attention into feeling like im the main character. Since i have NO JOB (sadly) and my parents are undecided of wheather i should work or not, I have to make the effort of going with what is most affordable to me. Im thinking about making my skin a shade lighter (im puertorican but if u want to get technical im black and white >.> but my skin tone is pretty much brown, i dont like the term "black"), therefore i'll look white, and get the red shiny contacts that ive been wanting to buy for a while... i have a friend that is going to make the helmet for me (i thank her for that) and

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This is what im supposed to look like

 all im going to wear would be that BIGish dress shirt that Kouta gave her at the beggining of the episode...... ur probably thinking "is she gonna be naked under that? o-o?" NO, of course not, ya perv (lol jk) im going to be wearing probably a corset type of top and some white booty shorts to make it seem like "im naked" and i obviously have ti show some cleavage to make it seem like i am RLY naked when im not. I posted the pic on facebook of what im supposed look like but since i have judgemental friends they think ill ACTUALLY be naked which makes me sad cuz i they dont really know wtf im doing.... -sigh- oh well i have a lot of thinking and research to do on this..Have a good everning/day whoever is reading this. (PS: THATS THE PICTURE) ---------------------------------->


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