• I think we had discussed this before, and at the time, it seemed like too nitpicky an idea, one that would generate unneeded extra articles. Now, at least in one case, I am not so sure.

    The idea had been to create separate character articles for the mains as to manga and anime. I still largely consider that pointless for all but one: Lucy herself. Doing the re-edit of her manga narrative, it is so enormous, I feel I have to match it, at least in thoroughness, for her anime narrative. I no longer wish to do just the anime ending and highlight the differences. Now again, I still do not want Kouta and such to get the same treatment. Their stories are well covered enough to include both versions in one article. Lucy/Nyu, I am mulling over. Any thoughts?

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    • Hmm... I'm personally ok with it. But maybe we should first finish the thorough look to Lucy's character before deciding if we should split her Anime and Manga counterparts.

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    • A new thought: Separating the two could lead to a linking nightmare, as we figure out which article to link to. So I guess we keep things the way they are now but expand the anime section.

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    • That it acceptable. In fact, upon considering it, its preferable that way.

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    • I think Kurama also needs separate treatment, since he was alive at the end of the story in the manga, while not in the anime. His positioning in the story (especially his link to Nana and thus Mariko) is quite different in both versions.

      I think it is a good idea to separate the articles, when in the opinions of many, the major characters have different traits in a significant manner. I'm not so sure about Bando, although I think he's treated a bit coldly in the anime. He has more warmth at heart in the manga. He's ruthless only to Lucy in the manga, I mean.

      Well, I now read your new thought. But you raised an interesting issue.  (yk)

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    • I hesitate to make such a decission. But I do agree we should expand the Anime sections of the characters, though.

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