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Think Nyu knows ecchi? Rin Shin's girls of Ikki Tousen LIVE ecchi!

Rin Shin is a studio staff artist, and animator employed by the ARMS Corporation. Rin Shin has a reputation as a designer for ecchi anime, such as Ikki Tousen and To-Love-Ru. Rin Shin draw lots of so-called adult anime characters in the beginning but since the business in this genre of ARMS had downward trend from the business view points, Rin Shin also started to write "normal" animation/characters, when ARMS changed its company policy in that way. In the case of Elfen Lied, Rin Shin designed the key animation for the memorable opening and closing credits of the anime series, using the paintings of Gustav Klimt as the basis. The gender, age and real name of Rin Shin is unknown. Rin Shin issues RIN-SIN ILLUSTRATIONS.

Another work of Rin Shin

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