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Chapter №:15
Album №:2
Release date:December 11th, 2002
Last Chapter:Clash
Next Chapter:Thus the Girl Died
Anime adaptation:Attack ~ Aufeinandertreffen

Reinforcements (救軍 / きゅうぐん / kyuu_gun/ Reinforcements) is the fifteenth chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Mayu is audibly and visibly shocked by Lucy's attack on Nana, and Lucy bats her back, knocking her unconscious into the nearby forest, where Wanta attends her.

Fighting past the intense pain from her lost leg, Nana at first can speak of nothing but the pain, and how it keeps her concentration low so that she cannot attack Lucy. She prays for Kurama to arrive and save her, only to find Lucy standing right over her. In response to Lucy's satisfied grin, Nana defiantly tells her that she is in no pain. Lucy then cuts off her right arm, laughing maniacally. When Nana still insists that she is no pain, Lucy casually cuts her remaining limbs off, promising a crying Nana the pain will soon stop. A missed shot by an arriving sniper stops Lucy from finishing Nana off.

Seeing Kurama approach her, a protective Nana fights past her pain and uses her vectors to strike at Lucy's brain. Lucy expresses great pain and shock at this, even screaming. It is only when her own vectors fail to respond to her desire to kill Nana that she realizes they have been disabled. Backed up by armed soldiers surrounding them, Kurama vows vengeance on Lucy for harming Nana.


  • This chapter features the pivotal savaging of Nana by Lucy, whose cruelty is ably demonstrated. It also features Nana's special ability to disable the powers of another Diclonius, as well as the first 'fake death' for Nana as Lucy realizes her vectors have been disabled.

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