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孤児院 (Koji-in)
Geographic Information

Infra-structure Information

Proper name:Unknown
Finality:Resident institution devoted to housing orphan children
Notable members:Kaede

Orphanage Girl

In this story, the Orphanage was located near the mountains in the Kamakura area and was run by Japan's Child Social Welfare Agency. This orphanage was home to the series' main character, Kaede as well as her chief tormentor, Tomoo, and another girl, both of whom were among the first to experience her wrath when her vectors developed. The staff, while never truly abusive towards her, seemed to regard Kaede as a burden since she was frequently sick, a possible result of her developing abilities, as well as because of her horns, which they found to be disgusting. This may have also led them to turn a blind eye towards the abuse and derision she suffered at the hands of the other children, which ended tragically when a stray puppy she fed and cared for was killed by her bullies, causing her to kill four of them. The staff reported the four murdered children, with Kaede presumed kidnapped by the same killer, leading to her picture from the orphanage turning up five years later as Kurama and Professor Kakuzawa searched for her. The facility had large forested grounds and mountains surrounding it, where she would frequently flee to when life there became too much for her to handle. At least one story had the young Lucy, with her puppy, watching the young Nozomi sing in a secluded area that must have been at least relatively close to the orphanage

It is not known if this orphanage was still in operation during the present-day time-frame of the series. Also in question is whether the real world Kamakura even has such a facility in or close to the area.

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