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On The Run With Common Front ( 共闘の兆し / きょうとうのきざし / kyoutou no kizashi / Indication Of Battle ) is the forty-second chapter of the Elfen Lied manga series.


Falling into a despairing, and nearly murderous mode, Nana begins to coldly assess how to kill Bando. He stands his ground and explains that he has cleared the beach of debris that can be used as a weapon by any Diclonius. He also tells her that he had upgraded his bullets to negate their ability to deflect objects, and calculated away the advantage her vectors would normally give, and taunts her to beg for mercy. Unaware that her limbs are artificial, he is shocked by her lack of response at being shot in the leg and arm, and even more shocked when his threat to shoot her in the heart is met with her right arm being fired off like a missile under her control, punching him square in the face and knocking him to the ground. His attempt to recover his gun is blocked by her, who returns his taunts and moves in the for the kill, only to have a desperate Bando, having learned a lesson or two from his battle with Lucy, produces another gun too quickly for her to fully react.

The bullet grazes her skull and knocks her away, but not before his bionic arm is disassembled by her vectors. The pain and shock are enough to shake her out of her murderous rage, and she cries for Kurama to come rescue her. Noticing his arm, Nana asks how it happened, to which an incredulous Bando yells that it was her 'friend', Lucy, that did it. She firmly proclaims that not only is Lucy no friend of hers, but a sworn enemy who injured both of them in very savage ways. She briefly again considers murdering him when she realizes she's broken one of her perceived promises to Kurama (by revealing Lucy's name). This is put aside as he proposes a limited alliance against Lucy, based on her ability to sense other Diclonii, but brusquely dismisses any thought of her fighting alongside him. He wants no baggage as he hunts Lucy and only wants her as a living sensor to point her target out when found. Trying to help a reluctant Bando up, Nana loses control of her arm and sends him tumbling, which he accuses her of having done this on purpose.

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