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April 21, 2010
  • I live in Belmar NJ
  • My occupation is Security
  • I am Male
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  • I was wondering which other villains on my hate list on villains wiki you really agree with.

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  • Dude, I wanted to contact you because my best friend wanted to create a new Wiki here on Wikia, but since he has no experience administering wikis, I want to ask you.if you can help us and give him a few tips on how to run his new Wiki. Namely, how to ensure trolls do not pollute our new Wiki, how to ban said trolls, how to add or delete new pages, and basically how can he fully access his powers as administrator and/or grant similar powers to fellow users (That way, for example, he can add me like you did on this Wiki so I could better help him and save time, too).

    Sorry for asking this so suddenly, it's just that you seem to be a very helpful guy so you pretty much were the first person we thought of asking about this.

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    • I'm not great with infrastructure. For a lot of this, you'd be better off going to Community Central. What I can offer up is :

      1 - Have a degree of trolling. A person who raised his opinion obnoxiously needs to be warned. People who delete pages or just offer up 'Mayu has a dick' entries you ban immediately and for a year. All you do to ban them is click on their names and follow the ban marker.

      2 - As Admin, they should be able to click on your name and change the user access level. Its all part of the same menu options.

      Sorry I don't have more.

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    • Community central, huh? Very well, I'll make sure to look into that.

      And don't worry about that. Your input is very much appreciated, man.

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  • The same thing happened again although i dont know why as i was 100% logged in when i posted and it still came up as a wiki contributer post though it worked when i reloged.

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  • There's some stuff I wanna do; but I need to run it by you.
    I'd like to change message walls to Talk Pages.
    and make the page colors white instead of this brownish color.

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  • Thanks for the welcome! :) I just finished Elfen Lied and love talking about and discussing something once I finish it! :)

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  • Heya Gojirob =).

    I´m one of the two admins that are maniging the german elfenlied wiki. I stumbeld upon your site while searching for information about the clone diclonii and was really impressed by the design and amount of pages ( german wiki only has 100 sites so far =P, though i think we have all important info on it) .

    I hope you don´t mind that i look up some info here, since it´s much easier than to read the whole manga again ^^.

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    • Talk to Forerunner, or make a post on Community Portal's forums. That is so way beyond me it's scary.

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    • i´ll contact an admin from the community about that. i´m sure there should be way to change it since it´s really confusing then both sites have .com at the end.

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  • Am I able to remove speculation from articles? EX: Saying someones age is 13-16 or 23 when it's never been stated. And relatives too, I don't think "Presumed Mother/Father" works, we should try and provide accurate info from the series.

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    • You are able - but I'll ask you not to. Most speculation in these articles is mine, and I have been scrupulously careful to keep speculation/extrapolation both to a minimum and connected to actual information from the series. There is speculation stuff I gladly and cheerfully put in my fics that I would never put in the Wiki, for precisely the reasons you give.

      Individual changes we can discuss, but nothing whole hog.

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  • Can I put characters image galleries into a sub page? for example: Kisaragi/Image Gallery, it'll help with the layout of pages, and I can resize and fix them up if they're in a sub page. Thanks.

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    • The infobox for human characters is done:

      {{Human infobox
      |name= Bando
      |image= File:Bando 2.jpg
      |kanji= 板東
      |romaji= ''Bandô''
      |gender= Male
      |eye color= Brown
      |hair color= Brown
      |first appearance manga= Chapter 1
      |first appearance anime= Episode 1
      |japanese= Jouji Nakata
      |english= Jason Douglas

      Will produce:

      Bando 2
      Name Bando
      Kanji 板東
      Romaji Bandô
      Gender Male Male
      Eye color Brown
      Hair color Brown
      First Appearance
      Manga Chapter 1
      Anime Episode 1
      Japanese Jouji Nakata
      English Jason Douglas
      Image Gallery
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    • Go for it on both fronts, but Male shows up twice

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    • Yeah, I need to make a template for it. It'll say male/female and have the appropriate symbol.

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  • Hey, I'm new here; but I'm not sure what to do. Would I be able to remodel some of the templates and infoboxes with your permission?

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    • Don't be ridiculous. Only Americans have the right to sleep - BUT WE NEVER DO. We also don't go to the bathroom. We just explode when we're 50. (That last joke I stole from M*A*S*H*)

      Play around with what you see. As long as this whole thing doesn't go Creepypasta on us, we'll be good.

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    • OMG. Rofl. Creepypasta... *shudders* and aged I haven't watched M*A*S*H in yonks. Btw, if you ever need me check the Fairy Tail Wiki's chat, I'm usually found there; I lay in bed and go on there from my iPod a lot, so yeah.

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  • I posted a reply to the Kaede discussion without logging in and moments later posted that same thing while logged for the sake of identifying myself as the poster you might want to remove the original wiki contributor post as being one of mine its quite long.

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