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Lynn Okamoto


Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Series Created
Relation to Series
Overall Creator; Writer/Artist for the manga series

Lynn Okamoto is a Japanese mangaka. He resigned Bandai, a toy and TV game software company, at the age of 30 in order to become a professional manga writer. He made his debut into the manga world in 2000 with his first manga "Elfen Lied" which is NOT this manga series but a completely different one. He says that that Elfen Lied (young musicians' tsundere type love story) is the only manga he wrote before becoming professional. The original weekly manga version of this Elfen Lied (Lucy's story) was released from June, 2002 to August, 2005.

Residing in Tokyo, Japan, he is the creator, and artist for the Elfen Lied Manga series and a consultant on its anime adaptation. He is known to be an intensely private individual. As of 2011, he is currently working on a series called Nononono for the same manga company. Both series saw their serialized starts in the seinen magazine Weekly Young Jump.

As of January 2012, Okamoto has started a new series, also made into an anime, called Brynhildr in the Darkness.

Trivia Edit

  • Horror-fantasy author S.A. Swann acknowledged Lynn Okamoto and Elfen Lied as inspiration for his medieval fantasy novel called Wolfbreed.
  • Okamoto and Elfen Lied anime director Mamoru Kanbe are said to have clashed over Kanbe's decision to exclude the character of Nozomi from the anime.
  • Okamoto voices a minor character in the anime's twelfth episode.
  • Okamoto recalls in his twitter of July 20, 2015 that he felt hopeless while he was struggling to become a professional manga writer at the age of 30, after quitting the company that he was working for since graduation. He learned at that time that the writer of the then-famous manga "Hokuto no Ken / Fists of Hokuto" (1983-1988) had finished the manga at the age of 27.

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