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Hiromi Kurama
Biological Information
Age:Around 20-30
Relatives:Kurama (husband)

Mariko (daughter)
Clone Diclonii - (Genetic Daughters)

Character Information

First seen:Manga : Chapter 59
Anime : Episode 10
Last seen:Manga : Chapter 62
Anime : Episode 10 (living), Episode 13 - (as vision)
Voice actor (Japanese):Akemi Kanda
Voice actor (English):Luci Christian

She's not a bad girl. Please save her. I'm begging you to save her.

Hiromi, pleading to Kurama to spare their daughter's life

Hiromi was the wife of Director Kurama, the mother of Mariko, and therefore, the genetic mother of the more than one thousand Mariko clones, including Alicia, Barbara, Cynthia, and Diana.


A young woman born with a frail constitution, she was devoted to her scientist husband and had desperately wished to conceive a child with him. Both her will and her health deteriorated even more drastically as repeated pregnancy attempts failed, including at least one miscarriage. Finally, one in-vitro fertilization was carried to term, which spawned a girl who they named Mariko. Hiromi had refused to have an ultrasound scan during her pregnancy, wanting to keep the baby's gender a surprise, and was therefore, just as unaware as anyone, that Mariko was a Diclonius Silpelit---a horn-headed mutation caused by her husband's exposure to an escaping Diclonius child. She dearly loved her child without exception, but her husband was shocked and distressed, knowing that many Diclonius children turn on their families upon turning three. Hiromi had no idea that his job, kept secret from her, was to euthanize them as soon as they were born. He immediately began to strangle the infant, but Hiromi, shocked to see this and weakened by having her cancerous cervix removed during birth, thus ending all possibility of having more children, stopped him before collapsing. When he tried again later, a tearful Hiromi, beset by massive internal bleeding, rose from her hospital bed to beg him to stop and make him promise to love their child and not kill her. As she collapsed and bled to death, Kurama held her, begging her to wake up. He did keep his promise to her, albeit with mixed results. To those who would ask, he would respond about his family to say that he had killed both her and his daughter, which was his view of the truth on these matters. She is later seen in visions that Kurama has of her and Mariko walking into paradise together. It seems unlikely that Nana ever knew her name, although since she may have once believed Kurama to be her father, she would have likely thought Hiromi was her mother as well. The two share many similarities, including their devotion to Kurama and a desire to bear his children.


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