SenselessPi is a fanfiction author, fan artist and roleplayer for Elfen Lied and other fandoms. Better known as EpicRacharaptor on deviantArt or Red Witch Studios at The name "SenselessPi" comes from a long abandoned short comic a high school friend and I were co-writing and refers to the symbol of Pi being a rather senseless number for all its numbers behind the decimal place.


  • Something Worth Finding - A crossover fan fiction of Elfen Lied and the Prototype video game. The story is written on a slightly altered continuity of Elfen Lied, and ignores Prototype's sequel aside from certain brief scenes from the Prototype 2 comic The Anchor. After a skirmish in Pennsylvania, Lucy and Alex Mercer begrudgingly trek across the United States countryside, learning more about each other along the way. Much of the focus is on the characters' inner thoughts and interactions with one another, but Lucy and Alex's journey of discovery won't be so easygoing for long.
  • An Empty Seat at the Dinner Table - A vignette from Yuka's point of view of the ending scene of the Elfen Lied anime.
  • Das Gift - A vignette from Lucy's point of view.

Fan Art

To see more of my artwork, please visit my page on DeviantArt: EpicRacharaptor.

Most of my art is related to Elfen Lied; most often, it's crossover art of Elfen Lied/Prototype, which has been dubbed "Protolied." Because Elfen Lied is one of my main focuses for fanart, a lot of said art is NSFW (not safe for work). So don't go viewing it on a work computer or school computer, as there's titties and blood everywhere.

After Elfen Lied and Protolied art, my main focus is primarily illustrations of Luminous Arc 2, with Fatima, the Shadow Frost Witch, being the character most often drawn, as well as art for other series, such as Markiplier's videos, Fate/EXTRA, other unspecified series, and assorted original character artwork.

As a perfectionist who also has to balance real life, art, and other hobbies such as video games and RP, it takes a long time for more intricate pieces to reach completion, resulting in as little as 2-3 pieces a month instead of the 10+ it used to be a couple years ago. I find that focusing on a smaller number at a time increases their quality since I can dedicate more attention to each individual piece for longer.