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Orphanage Girl

Traitor Girl 2
I won't tell anyone. You can trust me!.

–The Girl, promising Kaede not to tell anyone about her dog

Orphanage Girl is a minor-but pivotal character subject to deeply held fan opinion about her actions. A young orphaned human girl of about 8 to 10 years old, befriended Kaede, another girl who was living in the same orphanage with her. Her reasons for doing so come into question.


This unnamed girl defended, and aided Kaede when she was taunted for her horns by the group of bullies in the orphanage, with the ringleader named Tomoo. Trusting her after a few days, Kaede revealed to her a stray puppy that she had been secretly caring for. She later realized she had not nearly enough food to feed it, and thus went to the human girl for help out of necessity. She made a promise to Kaede not to tell anyone about the animal, knowing full well that if she did, the puppy would most likely be tortured as well. This proved to be a mistake however...

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