As she grows older, some others never will...

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Year Event(s)
Unknown date Nozomi's mother, a noted operatic singer, loses her voice to the same throat defect that enabled her incredible singing. In despair, she takes her own life, causing the family to frustrate by any means possible Nozomi's desire to follow in her footsteps. This is implied to have happened while Nozomi was still quite young, perhaps no more than five or six.
5 ALB Possible/probable rough timeframe of births of Mayu and Anna Kakuzawa.
6-7 ALB -

Probable timeframe in which Lucy first finds and begins to care for a stray puppy on the orphanage grounds. [1] On occasion, they catch sight of Nozomi singing in the mountains. The two do not meet at this time.[2]

8 ALB - Young Lucy kills four other children responsible for the death of a puppy at a Child Welfare building before going on the run.[3]
Lucy meets Kouta while on the run and develops a friendship with him.[4][5]
Believing Kouta has betrayed her by lying about the gender of his cousin, Lucy brutally kills twelve people at a festival whilst in a highly-emotional state.[6] On the train ride back to Hokkaido, she then kills Kouta's sister and father before finally going on the run after belatedly realizing her mistake.[7]
8-10 ALB Stalking Kamakura's streets, Lucy causes many deaths and infects many men with her powers, leading their children to be born as Diclonius like herself, albeit of a breed later called "silpelit". The amount of these births is small but expanding.[8] The silpelit known only as "Number 3" is born about this time.
10 ALB Chief Kakuzawa convinces the Japanese government to sponsor his creation of the Diclonius Research Institute, ostensibly to contain the births of the Diclonius children and study them. In fact, the Chief and his son, Professor Kakuzawa have a secret agenda to promote the Diclonius species to dominance over the Earth. The younger Kakuzawa recruits his college friend, Doctor Kurama, to be a senior member of the Institute's staff.[9]


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