He hates her. He loves her. He must fulfill his promise.

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17 ALB Nana describes the passage of six months since the battle with Mariko and the changes among those in Maple House. Nana sees her first snowfall. Nyu adopts a baby bird in order to nurse it back to health.
17 ALB It is revealed that, at some point between Mariko's birth and her death, over a thousand clones of her are developed by Doctor Nousou at the order of Chief Kakuzawa. The clones were all subjected to accelerated growth, making their true age impossible to determine. Only four of these clones are viable; the rest are badly deformed and used as fodder for experiments, their spinal cords, brains and nervous systems often harvested for biological weapons. The four viable ones are Alicia, Barbara, Cynthia and Diana.
17 ALB The Agent joins Kakuzawa's staff. She is secretly a spy for the Japanese government's Saseba agency. She is given the ostensible task of overseeing Nousou's safety.
17 ALB Nozomi moves into the Maple House full-time. She has begun to take her exams to enter the music school that she wishes to attend. At some point, she resolves the opposition her father has shown to her dream and gains his support, and also learns of her mother's fate.
17 ALB Chief Kakuzawa begins to implement the various elements of his endgame. He reveals the existence and fate of his daughter Anna Kakuzawa, who has become a monstrous living computer capable of predicting the future. Anna recalls how all this came about, and keeps from her father the vital secret that their family have no real connection to Diclonius like Lucy. He also obtains the services of the Unknown Man, a vicious and sadistic operative, who may or may not be related to the Kakuzawas, and who vows to find Lucy, as does Arakawa, who uses this instance as an excuse to finally leave the Institute island for a time. Back at the University, she finds hidden notes on research the late Professor Kakuzawa was working on, vowing to use it to put herself in a revered position absent the Chief and in contradiction to his plans.
17 ALB Nyu has undergone a great mellowing and maturing, and still has no idea of Lucy's existence or her murderous ways.
17 ALB Kurama has suffered a complete mental breakdown, and is cared for by Bando, who is in turn cared for reluctantly on his part by Mayu. While Mayu sees Kurama, she does not know that this person is Nana's beloved 'Papa'.
17 ALB The Unknown Man repeatedly rapes and then mutilates Diclonius Silpelit Number 28, stuffing her life-supported remains into a bag and using her as a living tracking device in the search for Lucy. Enraged when he instead finds Nana and Mayu, he kills Number 28, attacks Nana and attempts to rape Mayu. This is thwarted by Bando, who sees Nyu and calls out Lucy for a showdown at the beach. The Unknown Man's interference ends with his death at Lucy's hands, while Bando puts up a terrific fight he has prepared many months for. When Lucy threatens to kill Mayu, who now remembers Nana's dismemberment, Bando disables Lucy just as she splits him in half.
17 ALB In hiding and grieving, Nana tells Mayu the full story of her life. Now Nyu once again, Nyu begs the pair to tell her if she is the killer Lucy, which Nana lies about to spare her. Kouta fetches the three home, expressing his affection by chastising them for making him worry.
17 ALB Arakawa twice encounters Kouta, and tries to corner him for information about Lucy. The second time, she follows him home and learns the location of Maple House. Wishing to remove Lucy from her plans, Arakawa reports her find to Kakuzawa.
17 ALB While losing one clone to field testing, Nousou joins with the Agent and a large group of soldiers to invade Maple House. Nana and Nyu are helpless against the Mariko clones, while the soldiers keep the rest of the residents under control, with one injuring Nozomi's throat. A desperate Kouta takes Nousou hostage and is shot by the Agent. Nyu becomes enraged and gains the ability to use her vectors without becoming Lucy. Her identity from this point on in the series seems to be a mix of the two. The savage use of her powers awakens Kouta's memory of his family's murder.
17 ALB While bringing down nearly the entire force set against her, Nyu/Lucy is disabled and captured by the Agent. A deranged Kurama seizes the remains of the clone Cynthia, thinking she is Mariko. A tense moment between Lucy/Nyu and Kurama recalls the death of Aiko Takada which lead to Lucy's initial capture, before Lucy is taken away to the Diclonius Research Institute. The Mariko clone Alicia is also killed in the battle, but clone Barbara survives, as does Nousou. Foolishly believing the clones protected him out of affection, Nousou disables Barbara's control device and is told she hates him before she kills him.
17 ALB As Kouta recovers in the hospital, Yuka and her mother argue over whether Nana also presents a threat. Leaving, Nana finds Kurama on the beach, and despite harsh words from him, she refuses to leave his side and buries Cynthia's remains as well. Nana is sought and found by Barbara, and they battle until Kurama snaps to his senses and kills Barbara, who seems set to kill Nana. The two reconcile and vow to finish Lucy off. Nana suggests recruiting Kouta for this, but neither she, Mayu nor Yuka can find him in the hospital.
17 ALB In the underground grotto at the Diclonius Research Instititute, Chief Kakuzawa relates his master plan to Nyu/Lucy. He proclaims that she is the messiah the horned people have awaited for a thousand years, and that she will be the new Eve, while his younger son, who is also Lucy's half-brother, the only known Male Diclonius will be the new Adam, making Kakuzawa the new 'God'. He also reveals to her that overuse of her vast power will eventually kill her, and is already starting to. Lucy rejects the offer, feeling that, despite it all, she has a place with Kouta and the others. She kills Chief Kakuzawa, Anna Kakuzawa, as well as her own half-brother, to end the plan once and for all. It is revealed that the current race of Diclonius and the Original Diclonii in the Kakuzawa family had no connection to one another, and that the Kakuzawas were, despite their beliefs, fully Human.
17 ALB The Japanese government, alerted to Kakuzawa's true plans, sends the First Escort Fleet under the control of two ruthless Saseba operatives. At the same time on the island facility, Arakawa completes the work she has fought so feverishly to finish. The Mariko-derived Clone Diclonii seem to sense this breakthrough and stage an uprising, causing an explosion on the island splitting it in two, that is visible from the mainland. The Agent infiltrates the island as this happens and rescues Arakawa, but the breakthrough Arakawa made, an anti-Diclonius Birth vaccine is lost, and the Agent fights to defend and ultimately sacrifices herself to save Arakawa, the only one with any knowledge of the precious vaccine. The island facility is all but destroyed and its staff slaughtered by the vengeful clones.
17 ALB Massive and occasionally explosive tension builds between the Saseba operatives and the Commanding Admiral and crew of the First Escort Fleet, shepherding secret weapons known as Vector Attack Craft and much of the fleet is lost before even reaching the island facility. The operatives rescue Arakawa and recover the vaccine as the island sinks and Lucy escapes. Arakawa begins to feel massive recriminations over her role in events.
17 ALB On board an escape craft like the one Kurama sent Nana away in, Lucy/Nyu again arrives on the beach, encountering Kouta, who has been waiting for her. The two confront their past together, with Kouta rejecting her apology for his family's murder, as well as her explanation that her murderous behavior is driven by the inner voice of her DNA. Despite this, he offers her a chance to live at Maple House, so as not to lose the innocent Nyu, so long as she ceases killing. Agreeing to this, Lucy/Nyu goes to get the still-wounded Kouta back to the hospital. Encountering Kurama, she attempts to keep her word, only to have her Diclonius instinct assert control and attack Kurama for shooting at her. Kouta witnesses this and is disgusted, yet allows himself to be shot again rather than lose Nyu.
17 ALB Enraged and in despair at Kouta's mortal wounding, Lucy raises her vectors to unheard-of levels and begins to destroy parts of Japan with a thought towards destroying the world. Her body literally begins to melt as she does this. Lucy makes the choice to use her remaining power and life in an attempt to save Kouta's life. Healing him completes the destruction of her body's integrity. Kurama sends Nana in along with all her friends, who stand by the pair in these moments. Lucy and Nyu each remind Kouta of his childhood promise to kill her should she start killing lots of people. The two good personalities hold back the newly-assertive DNA Voice Personality, but Kouta finds he cannot do it. After the DNA Voice dispatches a last squad of soldiers, it too asks Kouta to kill it and end its pain. Kouta tearfully kills the body of Lucy/Nyu.
17 ALB The wounded Kouta is readmitted to the hospital and is released after about two to three months. In the meantime, the ladies of Maple House set about repairing it.
17 ALB Nana and Kurama begin living together. Kurama seems to refute Nana's notion of one day being his wife. Bando is revealed to have survived, and reunites joyously with Mayu. Anna Kakuzawa and the Agent are also revealed to be alive in the underground grotto, with Anna's monster form revealed as a shell. Anna takes this as a sign her father truly loved her. An art show adverted for Kamakura gives an unclear indication that Lucy's friend Aiko Takada may also be alive, though she is never seen in person.

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