The Autumn Of Mariko...

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16 ALB Kouta and Yuka take custody of Mayu and she starts going to school in their area. The antics of the childlike Nyu force the pair to bring her to college with them each day. On one of these occasions, Nyu encounters Bando, who easily recognizes her voice, but fails to catch her. Bando is informed of the need to sterilize him against having children, due to his infection inflicted by Lucy. He is also offered the chance to have Diclonius children, an idea put forward by Professor Kakuzawa. Bando refuses both options, ultimately allowing an operation to cybernetically enhance and replace his severed body parts, but escaping before the castration procedure can take place.
16 ALB Professor Kakuzawa, whose classroom students include Kouta and Yuka, recognizes Nyu as Lucy, and lies to gain custody of her. His attempt to rape and impregnate Nyu is cut short by the awakening of Lucy, to whom he explains his family's beliefs and agenda. Finding he is of no use to her, Lucy kills Professor Kakuzawa, whose remains are found by his assistant Arakawa and Kouta, who had returned to question the professor's earlier claims to custody of Nyu. His horned head is exposed to both, with Arakawa urging Kouta to forget what he saw, and making cryptic and ominous statements about horned people. Lucy wanders the streets, killing people who pass her by way of blood clots in the brain.
16 ALB Kurama begins to discover Chief Kakuzawa's true agenda, both on his own and as a result of the Chief's bragging. He makes plans to not only defy Kakuzawa on his orders to kill Nana, but to leave the Diclonius Research Institute entirely. Nana is outfitted with artificial limbs that respond to her vectors.
16 ALB Mayu and Bando meet once again, with a tense awkward relationship proceeding from the debt Bando feels he owes her. While searching for Nyu, Kouta and Yuka share an intimate moment. During the search, Lucy spots the pair first, and recalls the events of and leading to her childhood meeting with Kouta. Lucy attempts to end things with Kouta by making him remember her murder of his family, but her tension grows so high, Nyu reemerges once more.
16 ALB Kurama fakes Nana's death and sends her away with money and instructions. Washing ashore the same beach where Nyu was found, Nana encounters and battles Bando, ultimately parting ways when the pair agree that Nana will locate Lucy and inform him of where to find her.
16 ALB Arakawa arrives at the island research facility with the head of Professor Kakuzawa, is shown the underground grotto, and is harshly interrogated and even shot by Chief Kakuzawa, who wants to know the identity of the other person who saw the horns on his son's head. Ultimately, he offers her the chance to continue his son's work and play a major role in his plans.
16 ALB *Nozomi meets Yuka once again, and she is invited to practice the singing she keeps secret from her family at Maple House. A demonstration of support from Kouta cements this idea in Nozomi's mind, as well as causing her to develop a slight crush on him.
16 ALB Mayu once again encounters Nana, who is more than a bit lost in the world. Nozomi teaches Nyu how to sing and suffers an intimate assault from the childlike Nyu. Nana returns with Mayu to Maple House, seeking to know if she and Nyu are connected. Nana goes into a frenzy upon seeing Nyu and launches an attack on her, stopped only by Kouta. Lucy is awakened in this attack, but falls ill while remembering more of her childhood. Nana and Mayu argue, with Mayu certain that Nyu could not be the killer Nana has spoken of. When Lucy again changes back to Nyu, her attentions to Kouta draw Yuka's ire until Kouta recovers and chastises her, stating his concern and affection for Yuka in no uncertain terms. After making an apology both sincere and strategic for her attack on Nyu, Nana begins to live at Maple House as well.
16 ALB Chief Kakuzawa orders that Mariko be released in order to kill Nana and hunt down Lucy. After killing Saito, Mariko is subdued by Isobe and Shirakawa and the use of explosives implanted inside Mariko, one of which tears off one of her arms. She is sent with Isobe to the mainland to perform her task. While Nana converses with Bando, she elects not to tell him of finding Lucy, and senses Mariko's approach to Kamakura. In a confrontation, Nana is savagely beaten and humiliated by the vastly more powerful Mariko, turning the tables on her only when the girl ironically threatens Kurama. Isobe has learned that Saito manipulated Mariko's emotions in the past. Kurama arrives to Nana's delight, until he identifies himself as Mariko's father. He relates to the girls the events leading to Mariko's birth. He also explains the nature of the Diclonii, both Silpelits like themselves and the queen, Lucy. He prepares to kill Mariko, for her sake as well as that of others.
16 ALB *Enraged that Kurama has chosen Nana over her, Mariko seizes the remote control for her internal bombs and manipulates Isobe into giving her the control codes before killing him. Her attempts to kill both Nana and Kurama are interrupted by Bando. Kurama then embraces Mariko, declaring his love for her as his child. A missile strike of limited power interrupts the reunion, seemingly killing Mariko and Kurama.
16 ALB At the Diclonius Research Institute, Shirakawa reveals herself as a spy, but can find no evidence of Chief Kakuzawa's ultimate plan. Under suspicion, she is sexually humiliated by Kakuzawa. Somehow gaining the evidence she needs, she flies for the mainland to inform Kurama. Mariko and Kurama survive the strike, with Mariko reduced to a Nyu-esque childlike state. Kouta and Nyu leave Maple House in order to look for Nana.
16 ALB Nana persuades Kurama not to kill Mariko. Nyu vaults the blockade upon arriving with Kouta at the scene of the battle, and is captured by the forces Kurama brought with him.
16 ALB Despite prior knowledge and desperate planning by Kurama and the arrived Shirakawa, including threatening Nyu/Lucy, Kakuzawa's pivotal pawn, the Chief stages a phony satellite launch that masks a missile laden with the Diclonius virus, ensuring its rapid spread over the population of the entire world. Attempting to thwart at least part of the Chief's plan, Kurama attempts to kill Nyu, but only succeeds in awakening Lucy.
16 ALB Mariko's main personality reawakens as well, and she and Lucy engage in a fierce if one-sided battle, till Lucy seizes and destroys the remote control for Mariko's bombs. Lucy kills both Mariko and Shirakawa, but the bombs inside her detonate, destroying a good part of Lucy's horns, turning her back into Nyu, perhaps forever. Nana persuades Kurama not to kill the innocent Nyu, and the pair return with Kouta to Maple House. Kurama, despondent over his daughter's death, is stopped from killing himself by Bando.
16 ALB Back at the Institute, Chief Kakuzawa shows Arakawa a strange being dwelling in the waters of the underground grotto, proclaiming it to be a living god. Arakawa throughout all this continues to feel vastly uneasy about her role in events, including weaponizing the Diclonius virus for the missile strike.

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