Please Note: These arc titles are not official and do not appear in-story. These are compressed digest overviews of major events from the series. More detailed chapter entries are also available.

Nana Afield is the seventh story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses events from Chapters thirty-nine through forty-seven.


When Chief Kakuzawa gives orders to Kurama to immediately execute Nana, Kurama hastily makes plans to get himself and Nana out of the Diclonius Research Institute. Faking Nana's death, he sends her to the coast of Kamakura near Enoshima Park. There, she encounters and battles Bando, briefly falling into a murderous rage at his taunts, but ultimately striking up a tense alliance with him to destroy Lucy. Returning the severed head of the late Professor Kakuzawa to his father, Arakawa is brought to an underground grotto and rapidly coerced into continuing her late boss's work concerning the virus that causes the Diclonius mutation. However, she chooses to keep Kouta's identity a secret, despite the Chief's demands that anyone else who saw his son's horns be accounted for as well. Arakawa is intrigued, however, by Kakuzawa's promise of scientific glory and recognition to come.

Yuka places Kouta on notice that her high-school kohai and friend Nozomi will be coming to visit. After a typically awkward introduction, Kouta helps the chronically nervous, unconfident Nozomi to believe in herself, and all at Maple House feel enchanted by her singing voice. Nozomi even teaches Nyu how to sing, this despite her difficulty speaking coherent words. Nyu's antics continue as always, though, causing concern for all who stay there, particularly when she nearly sexually assaults Nozomi out of curiosity.

Mayu takes Wanta out for a walk, only to encounter the despondent Nana, who has nowhere to go nor any idea of how to survive. With her mind reluctant to recall the battle between Nana and Lucy, Mayu agrees to become Nana's friend and speaks of her new home at the Maple House, including the fact that another horned girl is staying there. Once there, Nana is taken aback both by Kouta's frantic questioning and then again by the sight of Nyu, who she sees only as Lucy. Nana begins to attack Nyu vengefully.