Please Note: These arc titles are not official and do not appear in-story. These are compressed digest overviews of major events from the series. More detailed chapter entries are also available.

Mayu is the fourth story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses events from Chapters seventeen through nineteen.


The heartbreaking story of why, and how Mayu fled her abusive home becomes apparent. Released from the hospital, following the battle between Lucy and Nana, she refuses more than the most immediate aid from Kouta and Yuka. In short order, though, Mayu rapidly finds even the makeshift life she has endured while homeless is falling apart. The bakery stand where she has been getting her only food from announces it is closing, A woman claiming to be the real owner of Wanta seizes the dog and demands Mayu keep away. The last straw occurs when inclement weather means she cannot stay in the beachfront woodpile shelter that had been her home. With nowhere else to turn, she returns to Maple House and finds that she is welcomed to a happy birthday celebration, the kindness of some people overcoming the cruelty of others. Even Wanta returns to Mayu. In the midst of all this, Nyu returns home as well, with no one yet the wiser as to why or to where she had disappeared.

In other parts of the story, Chief Kakuzawa reveals to a disgusted Kurama that his anti-Diclonius agenda is, in fact, a public face and that he wishes instead to ensure the future dominance of the horned species, with himself as a deity figurehead, worshiped and held sacred. This information, coupled with the losses of Kisaragi and nearly Nana, causes Kurama to turn against his employers.