Please Note : These arc titles are not official and do not appear in-story. These are compressed digest overviews of major events from the series. A much more detailed chapter entry is also available. Due to the structure of this wiki, there is some necessary overlap between the two articles.

The Life After is the eighteenth and final story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses events from Chapter one-hundred-seven, the double-sized last chapter of the Manga.


The ladies of the Maple House celebrate the return of Nozomi's voice, and the completion of repairs in time for Kouta's release from the hospital, even seeing Mayu and Nana treating an odd event without alarm. Kouta offers a narrative of the brief but bloody Diclonius War caused by the schemes of the late Chief Kakuzawa, and of how a reluctant Arakawa is now a world hero for creating the Vaccine that saved humans from extinction, a threat that may face it for awhile. Whether as couples or as families, Kouta and Yuka grow closer, as do Nana and Kurama and even Mayu is delighted to see that, improbably, Bando has survived after receiving more cyborg replacement organs. Improbably, even Anna Kakuzawa and the Agent turn out to have survived the sinking of the island facility.

We begin to see a succession of the same day, the last day of the summer festival, played out over several years as Kouta goes off to fulfill his promise to wait for Lucy/Nyu at the spot where he met her. In the tenth year, we see he is in the company of a young girl, his daughter, also called Nyuu after his late friend. When their wait appears to be once again fruitless, Little Nyuu notices a jar buried near the grave of the puppy. It contains a keepsake Kouta gave the original Nyu as well as a heartfelt note containing the actual name of Lucy/Nyu - Kaede, meaning Maple, like the house they lived in some years back. Little Nyuu sees two friends of hers arrive, twin girls who seem to be the rebirth of Nyu and Lucy, who tell a weeping Kouta they have been waiting for their special friend.