Please Note : These arc titles are not official and do not appear in-story. These are compressed digest overviews of major events from the series. More detailed chapter entries are also available.

Mad Man is the fourteenth story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses events from Chapters eighty-six through ninety-one.


Despite the pain and devastation that Kurama's harsh words had inflicted upon her, Nana refused to leave his side. At the underground facility of the island, Nyu despairs at the realization that she is the killer she had feared, and that Kouta may now be lost to her, while Chief Kakuzawa speaks at length of his clan's history and hopes for her, who he sees as the key to regaining their lost power. At the hospital, Nousou makes the fatal mistake of believing that the remaining Mariko clone, Barbara, is still loyal to him without her mind-control device and his death follows a venting of her hatred. Barbara leaves the hospital to hunt down and punish Nana for living with human beings and having human friends. The Agent finds the corpses and Yuka see Kouta briefly stir and wake up. Lucy is caught between the insane offers made by the Chief and the physical power of his transformed daughter, Anna, and rejects the idea that she has no place in the outside world, thinking of those she loved at the Maple House. Arakawa celebrates a breakthrough in her research, only to see the island torn to pieces as the deformed and defective Mariko clones rise up as though in a reaction to her discovery. They begin a uniform slaughter to all they encounter. She is spared by the miraculous efforts of the last remaining viable Mariko clone, Diana, who also dies under the total assault, and by the intervention of the Agent, who reveals a secret anti-Kakuzawa agenda and tries to get her off the island when her research, an Anti-Diclonius virus vaccine, is seemingly lost. When Barbara finally hunts down Nana, a vicious battle ensues, and again, Nana is overpowered by a ruthless opponent due to her kind and gentle nature. Kurama, at last, emerges from his mental fog, and chooses to protect her by killing Barbara, and clarifies that she is indispensable to him. Lucy/Nyu continues to oppose the Kakuzawas, despite the fact that her health is quickly deteriorating, and is shocked to learn several details regarding her parents' past, including her younger half-brother, who was born from Kakuzawa's rape of her mother. Rejecting him once and for all, she kills both him and her half-brother, wishing an end to his mad dreams, and seemingly killing Anna as well, though not before she confirms what they had both already sensed. The Kakuzawas had never been true Diclonii, but only lightly mutated humans who had built up myths and stories to endure their persecution.