Please Note : These arc titles are not official and do not appear in-story. These are compressed digest overviews of major events from the series. More detailed chapter entries are also available.

Kakuzawa's Master Plan is the eleventh story arc in the Elfen Lied manga series. It encompasses the events from Chapters sixty-three through seventy-one.


Mariko deceives and manipulates Isobe into relinquishing the remote codes for the bombs inside her body, battling and vowing vengeance upon all, particularly her father, Kurama, for abandoning her, and Nana, who he seems to have chosen as a replacement daughter. Shirakawa gains access to secret parts of the island facility and reveals a hidden agenda as she realizes a plan she meant to stop in its planning stages is instead near completion. She gains more information at a huge cost to her dignity, which only affirms that the secret plans of Chief Kakuzawa are set to begin indeed. As Mariko attacks Nana, Kurama chooses to embrace his daughter finally and receives her love back in return. Two successive missile strikes place Mariko in a childlike personality. While Shirakawa makes a futile attempt to inform Kurama and Chief Kakuzawa brags to Arakawa, his master plan, to infect all of Humankind with the Diclonius virus in one fell swoop, goes into effect via a staged launch of a supposedly faulty satellite. When Kouta and Nyu arrive near the scene, Nyu rushes the barricades only to get captured, but even a threat to her (being another part of Kakuzawa's ultimate scheme) is not enough to stop the launch and its payload's explosion. Kurama's subsequent efforts to kill Nyu only succeed in awakening Lucy, who Mariko agrees to fight, knowing her fate without the bomb reset codes and wishing to spare the father she now loves. Shirakawa briefly offers hope that they can deactivate the bombs, but in short order, Lucy kills the surrounding troops, severely wounds Mariko, decapitates Shirakawa and prepares to end her longstanding feuds with Kurama and Nana. Mariko ensures that she is next to Lucy as the bombs explode, destroying her horns and reverting her to Nyu. As Nana leads Nyu away, it appears as though a despondent Kurama has committed suicide. Kakuzawa reveals another facet of his plans via a strange presence he talks to in the lake of the underground grotto of the island facility.