"Why do the Diclonius have uniform hair and eye colors? Why and how did Okamoto-sensei get into ski jumping? Why do hot dogs come in packages of ten and hot dog buns come in packages of eight?"

Our intent is to have fully fleshed out, fanmade transcripts of all fourteen (as of 2015) episodes of the Elfen Lied anime, its English-language dub in specific. This means that in addition to the dialogue, there will be "stage directions" to describe the scenes.

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Elfen Lied Episode 7: Confrontation ~ Zufällige Begegnung


[ At sunset on Yuigahama, Bando and Nana face off. Bando has his gun pointed at Nana, but she seems unfazed by the threat. ]

Bando: Out with it!. What the hell is up with those horns? ( SUB: Answer me! What the hell are those horns? )

Nana: Even if there were a hundred like you, you could never defeat me. ( SUB: Even if there were a hundred of you, you couldn't defeat me. )

Bando: What did you say? ( SUB: What'd you say? )

Nana: You're lucky. Papa told me to be a good girl, so I won't kill you, but don't think that I couldn't. ( SUB: You're lucky. Since Papa told me to be a good girl, you don't have to die. )

[ Bando just laughs, not believing what the audience knows must be a bluff due to her nature. ]

Bando: A gun pointed at your head, and you don't even break a sweat. There's no mistaking it, you're that bitch's friend, aren't you? ( SUB: You don't show any trace of emotion when you've got a gun pointed at you. There's no mistake. You're that bitch's friend, aren't you? )

[ Nana begins to walk away, which ends Bando's mirth. ]

Bando: Stop jerking me around, girly! ( SUB: Stop screwing around with me! )

[ He fires his gun at her, and while it doesn't seem to hit her fatally, the blow knocks her down. When Nana lifts her head, she's visibly puzzled as Bando walks toward her. ]

Nana: What...what was that? So heavy... ( SUB: What was that? It was very heavy. )

Bando: It's a custom made .50 caliber tungsten bullet. Can't swat it away like you do with the standard 9mm. ( SUB: It's a custom made .50 caliber tungsten bullet. It can't be repelled like 9mm Parabellum lead bullets. )

[ He stops closer to her and again aims his gun at her. ]

Bando: If you got a scratch from that distance, at this range I'm sure I can kill you. But I don't think your arms will reach me. ( SUB: If you got a scratch from this distance, you'll die if I get closer. Staying far enough away so that your hands can't reach me. )

[ Nana sits up and turns to glare at him, finally realizing he might be a bigger obstacle than she thought. ]


Act One

[ Kouta walks outside the front gate of the Maple House with a dish of food for Wanta.

Kouta: Wanta? Here boy! 

[ Wanta barks in answer, and the dog and Nyu come running up to where Kouta stands.

Nyu: Kouta!! 

Kouta: Nyu, you took off Wanta's leash again, didn't you? 

[ Nyu grins and holds her closed hand up to her head, as if in an "oops" gesture. Inside, Mayu and Yuka are busy cooking, with Yuka chopping up vegetables and Mayu stirring a pot on the stove. Dinner seems to be about finished, based on the finished dishes on the table nearby. ]

Mayu: I'm really happy that Nyu came back. Aren't you? ( SUB: It's good that Miss Nyu came back. )

Yuka: Well, of course I'm glad she came back, but on the other hand... ( SUB: Well, I'm really glad that she came back, but... )

[ Yuka stops chopping as Kouta and Nyu's banter gets louder, but it's still muffled as they're out in the hallway. ]

Kouta: Nyu, what're you doing?

[ Nyu's excited "nyu"s continue, and Kouta laughs. As the exchange continues on, Yuka appears to grow visibly annoyed based on the shaking of her shoulders and entire frame. ]

Kouta: Hey, be careful! ( SUB: Hey, hey. Hey, be careful. )

[ Snapping out of her annoyed state, Yuka looks over at Mayu, who's staring off into space. ]

Yuka: Hey Mayu? Is something wrong? ( SUB: What's wrong, Mayu? )

Mayu: Uh, nothing. ( SUB: Oh, nothing. )

Kouta: [ muffled ] See I told you. Here. Here, are you okay? Now, get up, get up. If you make a face like that, I'll laugh at you again.

Yuka: Mayu, you have homework to do, don't you? Go ahead, I'll finish making dinner myself. ( SUB: Mayu, you have homework, right? )

[ Mayu blushes and looks at her, having broken out of her daze. ]

Mayu: But I really wanna help. I mean, if you let me? ( SUB: I wanna help. I mean, please let me help you. )

[ Yuka smiles at her. ]

Yuka: If you really do want to, then okay. ( SUB: If you really want to, then okay. )

Mayu: Thanks. It makes me feel more like a member of the house. ( SUB: Because I'm also one of the members of the house. )

Kouta: [ muffled ] What will I do with you? You see, Wanta's laughing at you too!

[ Yuka turns toward the door, then walks over to it. ]

Yuka: It's about time that one of the other members of this house started helping too. ( SUB: It's about time to have one of the other members help us too. )

[ She opens the door offscreen while Mayu still smiles by the stove. ]

Yuka: [ muffled ] Hey, you guys! You could at least set the table! Hey, stop messing around! ( SUB: Hey, you guys! At least set the dishes! Hey, stop playing... )

[ As Yuka's voice trails off, Mayu goes back to stirring the pot and gets that pensive look on her face again. She remembers her encounter with Bando earlier. ]

Mayu: I wonder if I should tell them. But why would he hurt Nyu? ( SUB: I wonder if I really should tell them? But why is Miss Nyu... )


[ On the beach, the sun has gone further down in the sky as Bando continues to menace Nana. ]

Bando: You're not talking shit any more, are you? It won't take a hundred of me to make you tell me where she is. ( SUB: What was all that "a hundred of me" shit, you dumb bitch?! I'll go ahead and kill you unless you tell me where she is! )

Nana: Where she is? Where who is? I don't understand. ( SUB: Where she is? What do you mean by where she is? )

Bando: Don't play dumb with me! Or is it just coincidence that two women with horns ended up in the same small town? ( SUB: Don't play dumb with me! Are you trying to tell me that two unrelated horned women happened to be in such a small area by accident? )

[ That catches Nana's interest, and she shoots her head up to look at him. ]

Nana: Horns? Are you talking about Lucy? ( SUB: Horned? Are you talking about Miss Lucy? )

[ Hearing that instantly puts a smile on his face. ]

Bando: Sounds like you know her after all. ( SUB: So you do know about her. )

[ He fires at her, hitting her in the arm and knocking her down. However, the bullet just grazes the prosthetic part of her arm, so she immediately gets back up to sitting. ]

Bando: Yeah, that's her. Where is she?

Nana: I don't know.

Bando: You really got a death wish, huh?! ( SUB: You wanna die that bad?! )

Nana: But why? Why do you insist on doing this to me? ( SUB: Why? Why are you doing something like this? )

[ Tears well up in her eyes, and droplets fall down from her face to her hands. ]

Nana: Papa told me not to fight, and I'm trying very hard to obey his instructions! I'm a good girl, I'm not doing anything wrong... ( SUB: Papa told me not to fight and I'm trying to obey his instructions. I'm doing nothing wrong. )

[ Bando scoffs at her words and comes closer to where she sits. ]

Bando: You haven't done anything wrong? ( SUB: You doing nothing wrong?! )

Nana: I'm a good girl! I'm not going to fight anyone! And I'm going to go far away and live peacefully somewhere, and... ( SUB: I'm a good girl. I won't fight with anyone and will live discreetly somewhere. And... )

[ Before she can continue, Bando kicks her and sends her sprawling back. ]

Bando: Don't be ridiculous! You're a monster! ( SUB: A monster like you? Don't be ridiculous! )

[ He immediately hops backward away from her, as he's under the impression her vectors carry the same limitations as Lucy's. ]

Bando: Oops, two meters. Gotta keep you two meters... ( SUB: Oops! Two meters, two meters. )

[ As he stops further away, Nana's picked herself back up but isn't facing him. ]

Bando: Look, bitch, there's nothing peaceful...about horn-headed freaks. You're an enemy...of mankind. You're not welcome anywhere. ( SUB: All you horned humans are enemies of mankind just by being alive. There's no place where you'd be welcome. )

Nana: That's not true! It can't be! Papa would never lie to me! ( SUB: That's not true. Papa would never tell me a lie. )

Bando: Work it out for yourself. You ever wonder why there aren't any other horn freaks in the world? Ever wonder why you're such a unique specimen? It's because we kill your kind. As soon as you're born. We don't let you leave the nursery. ( SUB: Try and use your head, okay? You can't find humans with horns besides you all anywhere in the whole world, right? The reason is that we kill them all immediately when they're born. )

[ Her head shoots up, eyes wide. ]

Nana: You're lying. ( SUB: That's a lie. )

Bando: The only reason they've let you live this long is because you're a guinea pig for their experiments. ( SUB: The reason they've let you live until now is because you're their guinea pigs. )

[ Nana's eyes well up with tears again, and her voice grows softer. ]

Nana: That isn't true. ( SUB: That's not true. )

Bando: You're nothing but vermin. You spread sickness and murder, and were put on this Earth as a plague to mankind. ( SUB: You're all pests that carry that damn infuriating virus and destroy mankind. )

Nana: That's not true!

[ She whirls around toward him, leaving her back behind her on the sand. Bando cocks his gun at her again. ]

Bando: All I'm doing is exterminating a pest. ( SUB: So what I'm doing is exterminating a pest. )

Nana: You're wrong! ( SUB: That's not... )

[ She stops short as she remembers what Kurama's recording said to her before. ]

Kurama's Voice: The director ordered me to kill you. ( SUB: I was ordered to kill you by the director. )

[ Realizing the correlation between what both of them have said, more tears streak down Nana's face. She lowers her head, then slowly draws her knees up to her chest. ]

Nana: My birth was nothing but an accident? There's no place for me in this world? ( SUB: Then why was I born? Can't I be in this world? )

Bando: Took ya long enough to figure it out. ( SUB: Took ya long enough to figure it out. )

[ Nana suddenly stands up. ]

Bando: So, you're gonna tell me where I find Lucy or what? ( SUB: So you're finally gonna tell me what you know? )

Nana: If there's no room for me in this world, it's my duty to make room. ( SUB: Then I should just erase a world like this. )

Bando: What's that...supposed to mean? ( SUB: You bitch! )

[ Nana snaps her head up, and the light's gone out of her eyes. They now resemble Lucy's when she's stalking her prey. ]

Nana: All I have to do is kill everyone. ( SUB: All I have to do is kill everyone and bury them. )

[ Sand swirls around her as her vectors, unseen, begin to act. ]


Act Two

[ At the Maple House, Nyu, Kouta, Yuka, and Mayu are all seated at the dinner table. While the others have started to eat, Yuka is scooping rice out of the rice cooker and putting it into a bowl. ]

Kouta: [ to Nyu ] So where'd you go? Where'd you run off to this time, huh? ( SUB: So where have you been? ) 

[ Nyu only offers a puzzled "nyu?" in answer. He sighs in frustration and his head droops. ]

Kouta: Why bother asking? ( SUB: I guess it's still not possible to communicate with her. )

[ Yuka hands the full bowl of rice to Mayu. As Mayu reaches up to take it from her, Yuka smiles at Kouta. ]

Yuka: Let it go. All that matters now is that she's home safe. ( SUB: Who cares? For now, she's back home safe. )

Kouta: Good point. I guess you're right, but...there's something weird about the whole thing. ( SUB: Well, that's true, but...I feel uneasy somehow. )

[ As the two converse, Mayu watches Nyu struggle to eat. Nyu can't quite get the handle of how to use chopsticks, as she keeps crossing them and dropping rice back into her bowl instead of getting it to her mouth. ]


[ At Yuigahama, night has fallen, with just the scant bits of sunlight left, as the tide continues to roll in as Nana stalks across the wet sand toward Bando. For his part, Bando is in pretty good humor about the whole thing while still showing caution.

Bando: Ah, yes. Now you're showing your true colors, huh? The other one acted innocent too with all her "nyu nyu" nonsense. ( SUB: Oh-ho. You've shown your true color. That bitch also threw us off our guard first by saying "Nyu, nyu." ) 

[ He turns to run further up the shore away from Nana, then turns and shoots her. The bullet hits her left arm, but again it strikes the prosthetic one and leaves only a mark. It does nothing to stop Nana's advance. Shocked, Bando fires at her a couple more times, and the bullets hit her again in the right arm and in the right leg. The one that hits her leg has her faltering for a moment, but then she's walking forward again with that same murderous look in her eye that Lucy so often has.

Bando: She doesn't show pain. She is not even bleeding. ( SUB: Not only does she not show pain, she doesn't even bleed, huh? ) 

[ As Nana closes the distance between them, he turns and runs again to stay out of her range. When he stops again, he whirls around to face her and holds his hands on his hips.

Bando: Stop right there! I'm not letting you get any closer. Wanna guess why I took you on this little stroll? ( SUB: Right there. You'd better not get closer to me than that. Do you know why I ran over here? ) 

[ Nana looks around the beach, and the sand is devoid of the usual garbage that once cluttered it. Bandou chuckles at her as he lets her take in the surroundings.

Bando: Figured it out? There's nothing in your range that you could possibly use as a weapon. At five meters, I can easily penetrate your heart. You, on the other hand, are defenseless at three meters. Nothing but a freak with the scary look in your eyes. If you beg for it, I might show mercy. But come one step closer, and I won't hesitate to fire. ( SUB: You see? There's nothing on the ground here that you could use as a weapon. If I have five meters, I can shoot through your heart. Once you're three meters away, you're all just freaks with an ugly look in your eyes! IF you get down on your hands and knees, I might forgive you. ) 

[ Nana narrows her eyes, and as she starts to walk forward toward him again, there's a tiny smile on her face. This earns a little "tch" from Bando.

Bando: You bitch. ( SUB: You bitch. ) 

[ He cocks his gun again as she comes closer.

Bando: You wanna die? ( SUB: You wanna die?!) 

[ Right as his finger's about to pull the trigger, Nana uses her vectors to fire her right arm at him. It hits him in the head, knocking off his sunglasses, throwing the gun from his hand, and hurling him backward several feet, and he groans as he brings himself up to his hands and knees. He lifts his head to see his gun lying on the sand between the two of them, and as he drives for it, Nana's vectors strike the sand to move the gun out of his reach. Bando is thrown backward, and he stares wide-eyed at her in shock.

Bando: But how?! I was out of your range! ( SUB: There was at least three meters now! ) 

[ Nana pins his left arm down to the ground with her foot to keep him from getting up. Though Bando groans, he doesn't immediately move to get up.

Nana: You don't have a weapon any more, do you? If you beg for it, I might show mercy. ( SUB: Now you don't have a weapon any more, do you? If you get down on your hands and knees, I might forgive you. )

[ As she glowers down at him, Bando immediately thinks of how Lucy looked right before she maimed him. ]

Lucy (flashback): Are you enjoying this? 

[ Bando reaches into his jacket and takes out another gun before Nana can react.

Bando: Sorry, kid. Never said I only had one gun! ( SUB: Who decided that there was only one gun?! ) 

[ He fires the weapon, but the recoil destroys most of the skin and casing for his prosthetic right hand. The bullet grazes Nana's head, making her shriek and stumble backward away from him. She holds her left hand to her forehead as she winces, but blood's already streaming down onto her hand and her face.

Bando: Oh, shit, I missed. Should've guessed. The arm couldn't take the kick from a .50 caliber round. ( SUB: Shit, it missed. I guess it couldn't bear the kick of a .50 caliber as I suspected. ) 

[ His hand falls apart after a few seconds, scattering into numerous metal pieces, and Nana looks up at her hand. She stares at the blood on her hand, dumbfounded, and her eyes begin to water.

Nana: Blood? It's blood! It hurts. It hurts, Papa! Help me, Papa! It hurts so much! ( SUB: Blood? It's blood. It hurts. It hurts, Papa. It hurts, Papa. Papa, help me. It hurts. )

[ As she doubles over in pain, Bando stares at her in disbelief. ]

Bando: Wha...? You're crying? This is just great... ( SUB: You... Oh, man... )

[ He flops his head back on the sand and stares up at the stars beginning to shine overhead. Nana continues to cry softly before turning her attention to him. ]

Nana: Hey, mister. What happened to your arm? ( SUB: Oh? What happened to that arm? )

Bando: How can you be so blind?! That bitch did this to me! That freak friend of yours! ( SUB: Wake up already! That bitch did it to me! That friend of yours! )

Nana: Friend of mine? That girl is not my friend. ( SUB: Friend? She isn't really my friend. )

Bando: What?

[ Nana stands up and lifts the stub of her right arm. ]

Nana: My body was torn apart when I fought Lucy. If I had the chance, I'd do the same to her! ( SUB: My body was damaged by Miss Lucy, so if possible I'd like to... )

Bando: Sounds like you and me have the same enemy, huh? ( SUB: Then that means you and I have the same enemy, huh? )

Nana: Enemy... Yeah, that's right. Lucy is my enemy. But... ( SUB: Enemy... Yeah, that's right. She's my enemy. )

[ She looks over her shoulder along the beach as Bando sits upright. ]

Nana: It doesn't feel like she's around here. ( SUB: But it seems that she's not around here. )

Bando: What?

[ She turns back to him as she offers her explanation. ]

Nana: We can almost always sense each others' presence if we're in the same area. ( SUB: We can sense each other even if we're somewhat apart. )

Bando: Shit. Is that so? ( SUB: Shit! Really? )

[ Nana suddenly smiles widely as an idea strikes. ]

Nana: Hey, I know! You and I should work together! ( SUB: Hey, why don't we work together! )

[ Bando doesn't seem too thrilled with the idea based on the deeply set frown on his face. ]

Nana: 'Cause we have a better chance of beating Lucy if we fought together! ( SUB: 'Cause it'd be easier punishing Miss Lucy if we fought together. )

[ He closes his eyes and turns away, fully snubbing the idea. ]

Bando: Forget it. ( SUB: I refuse. )

[ Nana stares at him in disbelief, uttering a little "wha," but Bando continues to not look at her as he continues. ]

Bando: I plan to defeat Lucy on my own. A girl like you would just get in my way. ( SUB: I'll defeat her with my own hands. A girl like you'd just be a burden to me. )

Nana: Sure. ( SUB: I see. )

[ With her shoulders slumped in defeat, Nana walks away from him and picks up her other prosthetic arm. She reattaches it to herself and tests out its movement a bit, bending it toward herself and clenching her fist a couple times. ]

Bando: Hey, you. ( SUB: Hey... )

[ Nana looks over at him, uttering a little curious noise. ]

Bando: So, if that bitch comes around, you can feel it? ( SUB: You said you could sense that bitch, right? )

Nana: Yeah...

Bando: That's good. If you sense her, make sure you let me know. ( SUB: I see. If you sense her, come and let me know. )

[ He rummages around in his pocket and takes out a slip of paper with his phone number on it, but Nana doesn't recognize its importance and just stares at it in confusion. ]

Nana: What is it? ( SUB: What is this? )

Bando: Take a look. Can't you tell? It's my cell phone number. ( SUB: You can tell by looking at it, can't you?! It's my cell phone number! My cell! )

Nana: What's a cell phone?

[ Bando puts his arm down in dismay. ]

Bando: Shit! Never mind. Come back to this beach if you wanna find me. But I'm warning you, don't try to fight her alone without letting me know. ( SUB: Shit! Never mind. I'm usually at this beach. I'm seriously warning you. Don't try fighting her alone without letting me know. )

[ Outraged by his audacity, Nana glares down at him. ]

Nana: Hold on! You'e in no position to give me orders! First of all... ( SUB: What?! Don't talk like you're an important person! )

[ She pauses as she looks down at the ruins of his mechanical hand. After a moment, she reaches out to him with her right hand, then stops and, realizing the left would work better, reaches out with that one instead. Bando gives her a puzzled look as she does so. ]

Nana: I don't wanna shake your hand, but it looks like you could use help getting up. ( SUB: It's not that I wanna shake hands. It's hard to stand up with one hand, right? )

[ After some reluctance, Bando does take her hand, chuckling as he does, but as he tries to pull himself up, Nana's prosthetic arm comes loose and he falls right back down into the sand. Nana looks stunned by the turn of events, and Bando's still holding her arm as he sputters. ]

Bando: You bitch! You did that on purpose, didn't you?! Idiot... ( SUB: You bitch! You're doing it on purpose, aren't you?! You dumbass! )

[ Nana reaches her hand up to her chin. ]

Nana: Sorry about that. ( SUB: Oh, you figured it out? )


[ In Chief Kakuzawa's office, he's staring out beyond the night-darkened window behind his desk. Shirakawa stands in front of his desk, having finished reporting the situation of Nana and Kurama to him. ]

Kakuzawa: My suspicions were right, then. Kurama let Silpelit 7 escape. ( SUB: So, just as I thought, Kurama did let that Silpelit escape, huh? ) 

Shirakawa: Yes.

Kakuzawa: Silpelits were as primitive as worker bees. Monsters capable of nothing more than killing. ( SUB: Silpelits are nothing but worker bees. They're monsters that aren't capable of anything but killing people. )

[ He grumbles to himself and closes his eyes. ]

Kakuzawa: Lucy's the queen bee. The ugly truth is, everything hinges on her. I won't lose my temper over a lowly Silpelit. ( SUB: The only thing we need in this world is Lucy, who is the queen bee. What good does it do getting carried away over a thing like that? )

Shirakawa: But, sir. ( SUB: That is... )

[ He turns his head halfway toward her out of curiosity. ]

Shirakawa: I heard that...the chief lost his daughter. It seems that the way he thinks of #7, it's as if she were his very own child. ( SUB: I heard that the chief lost his daughter. So he considers #7 just like his own child and... )

[ He chuckles at that, which visibly startles Shirakawa some. Kakuzawa turns back around to stare out the window. ]

Kakuzawa: Did Kurama tell you that?

Shirakawa: Yes. His newborn daughter was infected by the vector virus, and he took it upon himself to...exterminate her. ( SUB: Yes. His newborn daughter was infected by the vectors virus and he killed his daughter himself. )

[ Her words make him smile, and he again closes his eyes and leans his head toward the window a little. ]

Kakuzawa: He's a thoroughly foolish man.

Shirakawa: I'm sorry, sir, but why do you say that? ( SUB: Director, what does that mean? )

Kakuzawa: I'll postpone Kurama's punishment. ( SUB: I'm putting the decision on hold about Kurama's punishment. )

[ Shirakawa seems surprised, but she doesn't let it show much. ]

Kakuzawa: He for the mistake of disobeying me. ( SUB: But I'll make him atone for the mistake of disobeying me. )

[ Kakuzawa opens his eyes again as he looks upward, a deranged look in his eyes.

In his office, Kurama holds a photo in his hand. The photo is of himself and his wife, with his wife smiling and several months pregnant based on the swell of her stomach in her blue dress. Kurama, himself dressed in a beige suit, looks considerably happier as he crouches and smiles by her stomach. The two are standing in front of a traditional Japanese building painted blue in color. Kurama sets the picture frame down next to a framed photo of Kisaragi, and next to both pictures is a file sheet on Nana with her photo crossed out with a single red diagonal line. Kurama gazes down remorsefully at all three photos. ]

Kurama: Nana... It can be you. You can be the one who survives. ( SUB: Nana... I want at least you to survive. ) 


Act Three

[ In town, Nana sits by the side of the road, a rickshaw beside her. The street is well lit, and people pass her by as she sighs and looks into the purse Kurama gave her. After her fight with Bando, her clothes are considerably dirtier, as is the rest of her. ]

Nana: I wonder what I should do with myself now. Oh, Papa... ( SUB: I wonder what I should do from now on? Papa. ) 

[ The bag is filled with several stacks of yen notes. Nana takes one out to inspect it, but doesn't know what it is.

Nana: What's this stuff? Paper? ( SUB: What's this? Paper? ) 

[ Her stomach growls, making her blush, and she sighs deeply.

Nana: Oh, I'm so hungry. ( SUB: I'm hungry. ) 

[ The next shot is of Nana walking along the street, and she passes by a sign advertising both crepes (misspelled as "creaps") and soft serve ice cream. She stops in front of the vendor the sign is for, and her mouth waters from the smell of food.

Nana: Wow, that smells so good. ( SUB: Wow, that smells so good. ) 

[ She steps closer to the stand, smiling a bit, and people that pass by stare at her. Inside, the vendor is cleaning his griddle and turns toward her as she speaks up.

Nana: Excuse me? Excuse me, sir? ( SUB: Excuse me. ) 

Crepe vendor: Oh, hel- ...oh. ( SUB: Yes, welco... )

[ He gives her a confused look after taking in the overall state of her appearance, with a torn dress and dirt all over her, then returns to cleaning the griddle. ]

Crepe vendor: What do you want?

Nana: Uh, excuse me, sir? Could I have one? ( SUB: Um... May I have this? )

[ She points to the crepes on display, but he doesn't turn around again. ]

Crepe store owner: They're 500 yen. ( SUB: It's 500 yen. )

Nana: What? 500 yen? ( SUB: Five hundred yen? )

[ She's noticeably taken aback by the price, and immediately roots through her purse for whatever she assumes yen is. She doesn't take out any of the bills, however. As she's doing this, two women walk up to the vendor. ]

Customer A: Hi, can I get a strawberry crepe? ( SUB: May I have a strawberry crepe? )

Customer B: I'll have one too. Chocolate crepe. ( SUB: I'll have chocolate crepe. )

Crepe vendor: Sure, no problem! That's 500 yen each. Here. Thanks a lot. Please come again. ( SUB: Hey, welcome! They're 500 yen each. Here. Thanks and come again. )

[ Nana watches as the women give him 500 yen coins in exchange for each of their crepes. ]

Nana: Uh, excuse me? ( SUB: Excuse me. )

[ She winces as he raises his voice. He even leans across the crepe display. ]

Crepe store owner: 500 yen! You don't have it, get out of here! Beat it, kid! ( SUB: 500 yen! You don't have it, right? You're in the way! Now beat it! )

[ He waves his arm to shoo her away, and Nana walks away, slumping forward a bit in defeat. The two customers are still nearby, and they watch her go. ]

Customer B: What's with that girl? ( SUB: What is that girl? )

Customer A: Look at her clothes. ( SUB: She's in rags. )

[ Nana's eyes well with tears as she walks on down the street. ]

Nana: I'm in trouble. If I don't find 500 yen, I can't even eat. ( SUB: What should I do? I can't even eat if I don't have 500 yen. )


[ Dinner's just ended in the Maple House, as evidenced by Yuka washing up at the kitchen sink. Kouta and Nyu come in with stacks of dishes in their hands.

Kouta: I cleared the dishes. ( SUB: I brought the dishes. ) 

Nyu: Nyuuu~ ( SUB: Nyu. )

Yuka: Thanks. Just leave them there. ( SUB: Leave them there. )

[ As they set the plates down, Yuka looks over to see someone's missing. ]

Yuka: Hold on. Where's Mayu? ( SUB: Oh, where's Mayu? )

Kouta: She went out. She said she was going to take Wanta for a long walk. ( SUB: She went out, saying she was taking Wanta for a walk. )

[ Oddly, Kouta looks at Nyu rather than Yuka. Yuka herself looks surprised, and it echoes in her tone. ]

Yuka: At this hour? ( SUB: This late? )

Kouta: Well, she usually goes once around the block and quits. ( SUB: I think she's just going around the block once. )


[ Mayu walks along a street leading to the Maple House and studies a small slip of paper. It's not clear what's on the paper, but it might be Bando's cell phone number.

Mayu: Whatever's going on, I should make sure Nyu's okay, right? ( SUB: In any case, I should find out about Miss Nyu, right? ) 

[ She looks down at Wanta as if expecting him to answer, and the two come up to a green payphone along the sidewalk leading into a side alley.

Mayu: Oh, there it is. 

[ Wanta starts barking and runs off to Mayu's left.

Mayu: Wait, Wanta! ( SUB: Hey, Wanta! ) 

[ He's running toward the Jouju-in Cemetery, which isn't far away from the phone. There's a soft reddish light coming from within the graveyard, which turns out to be Nana sitting in front of a small fire burning in a metal can. Nana sits holding her bag to herself, and her knees are drawn up to her chest.

Nana: This is the place where Lucy defeated me, isn't it? ( SUB: I lost against Miss Lucy here, didn't I? )

[ She vividly recalls lying near that very spot, blood from her dismembered limbs puddling around her. ]

Nana: If that man's right, now Papa has abandoned me. ( SUB: I wonder if I was abandoned by Papa after all? )

[ She presses her face against the bag, hiding it from the firelight. ]

Nana: I don't know what to do without him. I wanna see Papa. I feel so lonely. I miss you...Papa. ( SUB: I don't know what to do. Papa...I wanna see Papa. I feel lonely. Papa... )

[ She's startled by Wanta's barking, and both the dog and Mayu come up the stairs where she can see them. ]

Mayu: I'm sorry. My dog doesn't usually bark, but tonight he's... ( SUB: I'm sorry. He usually doesn't bark, but... )

[ She gasps, suddenly recognizing Nana from before. Nana wipes her eyes and stands up. ]

Mayu: [ thinking ] Is...this girl... ( SUB: This girl... )

[ She remembers seeing Lucy cut off Nana's leg for a moment. ]

Mayu: [ thinking ] It can't be. She's standing. ( SUB: Good they're attached. )

Nana: Is something wrong? You look really pale. ( SUB: What's wrong? You look pale. )

[ Mayu smiles nervously as Nana eyes her with concern. ]

Mayu: That's right. It must've been in a dream. It's not like she could've grown new legs. ( SUB: That's right. It was a dream. Legs can't come off and reattach. )

[ No sooner does she say that, Nana's right prosthetic leg falls off her thigh and hits the ground. Nana hops over to it, not realizing what the scene must look like. ]

Nana: It still doesn't work so well when I'm not paying attention. Stupid things. ( SUB: It still doesn't work well when I'm not paying attention. )

[ She reattaches it to herself, then smiles up at Mayu. ]

Nana: There. Sorry, did you need something? ( SUB: And, did you want something with me? )

[ Mayu falls to the ground in a dead faint, causing Nana alarm before she's going over to her. ]

Nana: Hey, are you all right?! ( SUB: Oh, hold on! Hey! )


[ Having opened the glass door, Nyu lightly pokes the pendulum within the grandfather clock. She smiles widely in delight as it swings from side to side, and Kouta looks out into the hallway before walking up beside her.

Kouta: You really like that clock, don't you? ( SUB: You really like that clock, huh? ) 

[ Rather than crouch, she sits up straight.

Nyu: Nyu!

Kouta: Well, I guess you can touch it. It's been broken since we got here. ( SUB: Well, I don't have to worry since it's been broken from the start. )

[ He sits down next to her there on the floor. ]

Kouta: Listen, how did you get away from Professor's Lab? Because when I went there... ( SUB: How did you escape from the professor's place? When I went there... )

[ Kouta covers his mouth, overcome with nausea, as he gets a flash of the image of Professor Kakuzawa's severed head. ]

Nyu: Kouta...

[ He smiles a little to ease her worry. ]

Kouta: No, it was nothing. It's just that you and the professor were already gone. You gotta stop scaring us all the time, okay? ( SUB: No, nothing. You and the professor were already gone. Don't worry us so much, okay? )

[ Though he chuckles as a way to brush it off, Nyu continues to watch him with concern etched all over her face, then utters a soft "nyu." ]


[ In the cemetery, Mayu's waking up from her faint, and Nana leans in toward her when she sits up. ]

Nana: Oh, you're finally awake! You really worried me when you fell over and you wouldn't wake up. ( SUB: Oh, you're awake now? I was surprised since you suddenly collapsed and didn't get up. ) 

[ Wanta whines at Mayu, drawing the attention of both girls.

Nana: That little creature there, he seemed worried about you too. ( SUB: That creature seemed worried about you too. ) 

[ Mayu doesn't respond, but she gasps as she realizes Nana used wooden boards from the cemetery as a makeshift bed for her. The next shot is of the two girls putting the boards back in their proper place.

Nana: It was bad to take these things off, wasn't it? ( SUB: It was bad taking these off, huh? ) 

Mayu: Yeah, probably.

Nana: But we put them back, so it's okay, right? ( SUB: Now we've returned all of them, right? )

Mayu: Yes.

[ The two smile and share a laugh, then Mayu looks down at Nana's legs. ]

Mayu: Your leg...came off by itself. ( SUB: Um...that leg. )

Nana: Oh, yeah. It seems to do that when I'm not paying attention. ( SUB: Oh, this? When I wasn't paying attention, it came off. )

Mayu: It comes off?! ( SUB: Came off? )

Nana: That's...right. ( SUB: Yes, that's right. )

Mayu: That's so strange. ( SUB: That's... )

[ She pauses, getting a better look at Nana, then points to her horns. Nana likewise turns to her. ]

Mayu: Um, those horns... ( SUB: Um...those... )

Nana: Oh, do they bother you? ( SUB: Oh, do they bother you too? )

Mayu: That's not it at all. ( SUB: That's not... )

[ Mayu drops her hand, and Nana faces forward again. ]

Nana: I understand. They aren't normal. ( SUB: Yeah, since they're different from everyone else. )

[ Mayu smiles at her, trying to be comforting. ]

Mayu: Hey, wait. I think they're kind of cute. ( SUB: No, I think they're cute. )

Nana: Really?

[ She nods, and Nana clasps both her hands in hers. ]

Nana: Really? For real? ( SUB: Really, for real? )

Mayu: Oh, yes. ( SUB: Yeah. )

[ Blushing, Nana folds her arms back behind her head and laughs. ]

Nana: To tell the truth, I've always thought they were cute myself. ( SUB: Actually, I was thinking that way too. )

[ Nana turns and walks a little ways away, swinging her feet back and forth. ]

Mayu: There's this girl I... ( SUB: 'Cause there's someone at my place... )

Nana: Oh, you know what? ( SUB: Oh, look... )

Mayu: What? ( SUB: Yes? )

[ As Nana twirls around, she kicks over a statue of Jizo, which has Mayu holding her hands up cautiously. ]

Nana: Hey, I have a favor to ask you. ( SUB: Hey, I have a favor to ask. )

Mayu: Wha...what is it? ( SUB: What is it? )

Nana: Do you think... ( SUB: Um... )

[ Nana's blushing again, and she looks uneasy as well as if Mayu will deny her request. ]

Nana: Do you...think you can maybe be my friend? ( SUB: Would you be my friend? )

Mayu: Be your friend? ( SUB: Your friend? )

[ Nana half turns away, and she returns to idly kicking her foot back and forth as she clasps her hands behind her back. ]

Nana: My whole life I've lived in this...facility. I don't know anything about the outside world. I don't have a home...nowhere to go back to. I don't have anything to eat, which is fine, I suppose. It's just everything would be a lot easier if I didn't feel so alone. ( SUB: I lived in like a facility all along. I don't know anything about the outside world. I don't have a place to go back to and I don't have anything to eat, either, although I can bear it. But I feel lonely being alone. )

[ As she speaks, Mayu holds a hand to her chest and looks considerably touched by Nana's plight. Even Wanta whimpers a little as he looks up at Mayu. By this point, Nana's got her back to her, still awaiting rejection. ]

Mayu: Well, if you wanna be friends, fine. ( SUB: Well, if you want me to, sure. )

[ Nana spins around, a huge smile on her face, and as she turns, tears fly from her eyes. ]

Nana: Wha?!

Mayu: If having a friend would make things easier, I'd be happy to be your friend. ( SUB: If you want me to, I'll be happy to be your friend. )

[ Nana runs up to her and clasps her hands again, all smiles. ]

Nana: Really?

Mayu: Yes.

Nana: My name is Nana. What's yours? ( SUB: I'm Nana. What's your name? )

Mayu: Mayu. My name's Mayu.

[ Mayu and Nana sit around the metal can, keeping warm by its little fire. Wanta's curled up by Mayu's side, and Nana's still ecstatic to have made a friend, giggling all the while. ]

Nana: You know, you're the first friend I've ever made. ( SUB: This is the first time I made a friend. )

[ The fire begins to dim, and Nana responds by picking up her purse. ]

Nana: Oh, no. The fire goes out so fast! These papers are really useless. ( SUB: Oh, no! The fire goes out quickly. Really, these papers are useless. )

[ Seeing Nana about to throw another stack of money into the fire, Mayu gets up in a flash and holds her hand to stop her. ]

Mayu: No! What're you doing?! That's money! Don't burn that! ( SUB: No! No, no! Don't burn money! )

[ The next shot is of the can itself, filled with charred paper money. There's water around it, as the girls found a bucket of water to put the fire out with. ]

Mayu: Oh, no. How could you burn that much? ( SUB: Oh, no. You burned this much? )

[ Nana looks at her purse, then at the money in her hand. ]

Nana: 'Cause...I still have this much left. ( SUB: 'Cause there's still this much. )

Mayu: But, why do you have so much money? ( SUB: Why do you have this much? )

Nana: When I left the facility, Papa gave it to me. ( SUB: When I left the facility, Papa let me have it. )

[ She places the money back in the bag. ]

Nana: I wish I had 500 yen, not these worthless scraps of paper. ( SUB: I wish it was 500 yen, not like scraps of paper. )

Mayu: This is crazy. You don't know anything about money, do you, Nana? ( SUB: You don't know anything about money, do you, Miss Nana? )

[ Nana huffs and glares at her. ]

Nana: Don't insult me! I know enough. I'm not dumb! ( SUB: Don't insult me! I know that much! )

[ She looks away, pouting, and Mayu turns away as well. However, Mayu is notably calm. ]

Mayu: Oh, good. Then you don't need me to tell you how dangerous it is to put that much money in a bag and leave it alone, right? ( SUB: I see. Then you know it's dangerous to put that much money together and leave it alone, right? )

[ Nana's eyes pop open in surprise. ]

Nana: What? Dangerous? ( SUB: Dangerous? )

Mayu: Because when you're asleep, all that money would join together and attack you. But you know that. ( SUB: 'Cause when you're asleep, the money'll join together and attack you, right? )

[ As Mayu goes on, Nana looks at the bag of money with worry quickly growing on her face. ]

Nana: Attack me?!

Mayu: Of course. You know the magic spell, that keeps the bills from coming to life. That'll keep us safe. ( SUB: Of course you know the spell to keep them from joining together, right? If so, we don't have to worry about it, huh? )

[ Dread spreads across Nana's face, and she holds her hands over her face to stave off crying. ]

Nana: I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! I was lying when I said I knew about money! Please teach me the spell so I'll be safe! ( SUB: I'm sorry, I'm sorry. It was a lie that I knew about money. Please teach me about the spell. )

[ Mayu chuckles to herself just a little, then turns to Nana, still smiling. ]

Mayu: It looks like we're even. Because what I said about the spell was a lie. ( SUB: Now we're even since what I said was a lie too. )

[ At that, Nana just nervously stares at Mayu and mutters a low "wha." In the next scene, she and Mayu are picking up yen notes scattered here and there, with Nana being on a part of the cemetery that's higher up than her friend. ]

Nana: Then these scraps of paper were money all along? ( SUB: Then these scraps of paper were all money too. )

[ She looks down at Mayu from up where she stands. ]

Nana: Hey, let's use all this to get something to eat! ( SUB: Then let's use all these and have a meal. )

Mayu: Are you crazy?! You can't waste it like that! ( SUB: You shouldn't use it that way. )

[ Surprised by Mayu's exclamation, Nana looks down at the money in her hand. ]

Nana: Oh, I can't? So complicated. ( SUB: I shouldn't? This is complicated. )

Mayu: You know, I envy you, Nana. ( SUB: I envy you, Miss Nana. )

[ Curious, the diclonius looks back down to Mayu. ]

Mayu: He must've been really worried. He gave you all this money 'cause it was the only way he was able to care for you. ( SUB: I think he gave you this much money because he was really worried about you. )

Nana: Really? But I'd...rather be with Papa than have all the money in the world. ( SUB: Really? But I'd have liked being with Papa better than money. )

[ Mayu turns from looking at her own collection of bills to look up at Nana instead. ]

Mayu: You're lucky to have someone who cares enough to worry. ( SUB: I envy you just for having someone who's worried about you. )

[ At that, Nana looks a bit surprised. ]

Mayu: Oh, wait. Nana! ( SUB: Oh, Miss Nana. )

Nana: What's wrong? ( SUB: What is it? )

[ Mayu holds her hands out to her sides. ]

Mayu: I almost forgot! There's a big man with a gun chasing Nyu. Have you seen a man like that? ( SUB: It seems that a man is after Miss Nyu. Did you know that? )

Nana: Chasing Nyu? Who's that? ( SUB: Miss Nyu? Who's that? )

[ Mayu lowers her hands a bit, then holds them up some again. ]

Mayu: Remember? The girl you met here the last time I saw you. ( SUB: Remember? The person who was meeting you here. )

Nana: We met here? ( SUB: Here? )

[ Nana flashes back to her fight with Lucy. Specifically, she recalls having Lucy pinned with one of her vectors before being interrupted as Mayu came running up the stairs. ]

Mayu (flashback): Don't do it! Stop fighting! ( SUB: Don't fight! )

[ Nana nods faintly. ]

Nana: I see. You were the voice that I heard. That means...this Nyu person must be... ( SUB: I see. You were the person from that time. Then the person whose name is Miss Nyu... ) 

[ As the realization dawns on Nana, her eyes get that same look to them as when she was fighting Bando.

Mayu: She lives with us at the house where I'm staying. She's probably there right now! She's just like you, Nana! Another girl with horns! ( SUB: She lives with us at the house where I'm staying. She's a woman with horns like you. )

[ Nana's eyebrows furrow at that, and by that point, her eyes have turned totally into their predatory look. For a time, she and Mayu just stand there in the cemetery, and Nana's face is partially obscured by the shadow of her hair. ]


[ In the foyer of the Maple House, Kouta slips his sandals on by the front door. Yuka and Nyu are in the hall as well. ]

Kouta: I'm gonna walk around the block and look for her. ( SUB: I'll just go around the block and look for her. ) 

Yuka: Okay.

Kouta: Doesn't take this much time to walk that little dog. She isn't like Nyu, so I'm not too worried, but I'll feel better when she's at home. ( SUB: This is a bit too long for walking a dog. I don't think she got lost since she isn't Nyu, but... )

[ He walks toward the door, and Nyu goes around behind Yuka, "nyu"ing curiously. Yuka waves to Kouta as he goes, and Nyuu gets a mischievous look on her face as she holds up her hands. ]

Yuka: See you later.

[ Nyu suddenly grabs Yuka's breasts from behind and squeals as she does so. ]

Nyu: Nyuuuuu! ( SUB: Nyu! )

[ Yuka, of course, cries out in surprise and wriggles around to get out of Nyu's grasp but to no avail. ]

Yuka: What're you doing?!

[ By the door, Kouta stops to glance back at the situation. ]

Kouta: I wonder who taught Nyu to act so freaky. ( SUB: She learned some weird stuff. )

Yuka: Nyu, stop it! [ to Kouta: ] Never mind! Just go look for Mayu! Ah, Nyu! ( SUB: Never mind, just go look for her. )

Kouta: Yeah, okay. ( SUB: Yeah. )

[ Kouta walks out and shuts the door behind him, leaving Yuka to deal with Nyu. ]

Yuka: [ muffled ] No! Nyu, don't touch me over there! It's private! No! ( SUB: No. Don't touch a place like that. )

[ Kouta puts his hands in his pockets and walks along the walkway to the front gate. ]

Kouta: I wonder what's going on?



[ Outside the front gate of the Maple House stand Nana and Mayu, but neither of them move to go in just yet. ]

Nana: Is this the place? ( SUB: This place? ) 

Mayu: Yes.

Nana: Can't be. I can't sense Lucy. Nothing. Don't feel anything. ( SUB: No way, I can't believe it because I can't sense her at all. )

[ Nana recalls Kurama back in the laboratory. ]

Kurama (flashback): Forget about Lucy.

[ Mayu turns to look at Nana worriedly. ]

Mayu: You okay? Nana... ( SUB: Um...Miss Nana? )

Nana: It's not what I thought it would be. This isn't the place. ( SUB: Just as I thought, I don't sense anything at all. )

[ She turns to walk away, but as she does, the front gate opens and Mayu looks at Kouta. Kouta himself is struck speechless at the sight of Nana, another horned girl. Both he and Nana just stare at one another. ]

Mayu: I'm back. ( SUB: Um... )

Kouta: You...

[ Kouta hurries up to Nana and grasps her shoulders, shaking her a bit. ]

Kouta: Tell me why you have those horns on your head! Where did you come from?! Who in the world are you?! ( SUB: Why do you have horns? Where did you come from? Who are you? )

Mayu: Kouta, stop! ( SUB: Mr. Kohta! )

[ Snapping out of it, Kouta immediately backs off. ]

Kouta: E-Excuse me. I'm sorry. ( SUB: Sorry, I didn't mean to... )

Mayu: I made friends with her on my walk. She said she wanted to meet Nyu. ( SUB: I became acquainted with her earlier. She said she wanted to see Miss Nyu. )

Kouta: Nyu?

[ Nana frowns and turns around to leave again. ]

Nana: But, thinking about it, I don't think Nyu's the person I'm looking for. ( SUB: But it doesn't seem that she's the person I know, so... )

Mayu: Wait, Nana! ( SUB: Wait, Miss Nana! )

[ As Nana walks away, Mayu tries to stop her by grabbing her sleep, but she ends up ripping a good deal of the sleeve's fabric right off. ]

Mayu: I'm so sorry! ( SUB: Oh, I'm sorry. )

Kouta: Wait, can you please stay just for a few minutes? I've got some questions for you. ( SUB: In any case, wait a minute. There's something that I wanna ask you. )

Nana: But...

Mayu: Hey, Kouta. ( SUB: Mr. Kohta... )

[ He looks inquisitively at Mayu. ]

Mayu: I think she's hungry. Can we help her? ( SUB: It seems that she's hungry. )

Kouta: What?

Mayu: We still have a bunch of leftovers from dinner, don't we? ( SUB: There's still some leftovers from dinner, right? )

[ Nana watches the two converse, and at the mention of dinner, her mouth waters. ]

Nana: You ate dinner? ( SUB: Dinner? )

Kouta: You know? Let me go and get a plate ready for ya. Just come on in. ( SUB: Then, I'll get it ready now, so anyway, come on in. )

[ Kouta smiles at her, then heads inside the gate toward the front door. Mayu moves closer to Nana, smiling as well. ]

Mayu: Alright? ( SUB: Okay? )

Nana: Um, okay. There's no reason not to. ( SUB: Okay, I guess I could... )

[ She takes a step, and her stomach immediately growls again, much to her embarrassment. ]

Nana: It seems to know there's food around. ( SUB: Being lured by a meal... )

Mayu: It's okay. Don't worry about it. ( SUB: Don't worry about it. )

[ Inside, Yuka's still having trouble with Nyu, who still hasn't let up on messing with her breasts. What's worse, Nyu's gotten Yuka to crouch on the floor, so it's harder for her to get away. ]

Yuka: No! I told you to stop! ( SUB: Now, I said no. )

[ Upon hearing the door rustling, Yuka looks up. ]

Yuka: What's that? Oh, I hope they're back! ( SUB: Oh, are they back? )

[ Nyu finally stops harassing Yuka and gets up, realizing who must be at the door, and runs over in excitement. ]

Nyu: Kouta!

[ Outside, Kouta continues to mess with the door to try and get it open, but it's stuck shut. ]

Kouta: Oh, come on. The stupid thing's stuck. ( SUB: Oh? It's stuck. )

[ While he's busy with the door, Nana and Mayu converse among themselves. ]

Nana: Big house. ( SUB: What a big house. )

Mayu: It used to be a traditional Japanese restaurant. ( SUB: I heard that it was originally a Japanese-style restaurant. )

Nana: Restaurant? ( SUB: A Japanese-style restaurant? )

[ The door finally gives way, and Kouta yelps as he pulls on it so hard he slides off to the side along with it. Nyu excitedly greets him by shouting his name, arms up in the air. ]

Nyu: Kouta!!

[ Both girls turn toward her, and while Mayu smiles, Nana immediately recognizes Nyu as Lucy. The glass of the front door shatters as Nana tackles Nyu and throws her through the door, leaping after her as Kouta and Mayu watch on in horror. ]


Next Episode Preview

[ Kouta slaps Nana, reddening her cheek. Chief Kakuzawa holds up a gun, a wicked grin on his aged face, while Arakawa holds her hands up nervously. Nyu...or Lucy, looks to her side to where Kouta sits, and a blush steadily grows on her cheeks. Shirakawa winces. Sprays of blood spatter all over yellow painted walls. ]

Narrator: Discrimination, fear, pity, hatred, and betrayal. ( SUB: Discrimination, fear, pity, hatred, and betrayal. )

[ Arakawa sinks to her knees as blood drips down her sleep. A little boy staggers backward, his hand to his stomach in pain and looks back at a boy who holds a dog by the scruff of the neck. The same dog then appears, panting happily in a different scene. A vector of Nana's grabs her prosthetic arm. A young Lucy sits up, face red with fever, in her bedroom. As she sits in her bed in the daytime, there are hand marks all over the walls and furniture of her room. Lucy's red eye glares at someone behind her. A statue of Jizo is cut in half. Nana looks sadly as a vector hovers by her face. ]

Narrator: How many indignities will one girl suffer? How many human sins will she have to endure? Will she defeat the demon of revenge, or will it possess her forever? ( SUB: A girl suffers merciless indignities due to increased sins that humans hold. And a monster called grudge finally implants itself within the girl's body. )

[ By the hillside, with deities carved into the rock, a young Lucy stands by a tree. At night, she smiles and speaks to someone, her dog, just out of sight. ]

Narrator: On the next Elfen Lied, Episode Eight: The Beginning. ( SUB: Next Elfen Lied, Episode Eight. "The Beginning." )

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